Found Carry Cases from the TOS movie era and beyond


The larger Dynasound Organizer Cassette Tote Case that was used for Geordi’s engineering kit is extremely hard to come by, though the narrower type is found easily enough on eBay.

It was completely dumb luck on my part that I stumbled across an auction for two of the larger case on eBay a few years back. Got them both for a song and dance:

Starfleet Carry Case (link to my page)

Still plan on detailing one as Geordi’s engineering kit, and the other as an LCARS wall panel seen in TNG. Would love to see all the ones @norbauer has :slight_smile:


I’m still jealous of your engineering cases. You can find them on occasion on eBay but they are usually the wrong color. I’ve been waiting to find the proper grey for a while with no luck. Super frustrating.


where was the game boy case used? any reference pictures or ideas?


If you check out the first post in this thread, you’ll find a few reference pics posted there showing the narrow Gameboy carry case redressed for TNG and VOY.


sorry i m blind i dont see it…

i only see the small gameboy case, not the aci carry all game boy case



Sorry, I thought you meant the other style of Gameboy case.

It’s been discussed before, but I don’t think that Gameboy case was ever used on set.


yes the new person here posted it, see 3 days above.

i have this case and made it black, but i dont think is in a show


The gray one has a large white grid printed on one side of it that has to be concealed anyway, so I’ve always assumed that even if they started with a gray case, it was painted. Couldn’t you therefore start with any color? We certainly know that at least the DS9 color was painted, as it never came natively in that color.


Hey Everyone -

I was in Fry’s today and I saw the box used for Doctor Phlox’s travel medical kit. I always knew it was a make-up case of some kind but the one I found today was with all the Pelican cases. I don’t know about you but an aisle of Pelican cases of all sizes is super exciting. Am I just weird?

Here is Phlox’s case from the show:

Here is the case from Fry’s


Any ideas what the little pods on the inside are made of?


Not sure. They might actually be some kind of gardening supply.

I just came across this shot, and it looks like they might be seen here too.

DS9 2x09 Second Sight


Just wanted to say thank you all guys!

This thread was an invaluable source of information and inspiration to get the right feel in making this Steam Trek version from wood, brass and leather.

More pictures can be seen in my Steam Trek thread Steam Trek - Another Mirror Universe... ;) (a prop collection).


I’ve been sitting on a couple of these Voyager cases for a while. Just acquired some “Material Supply” labels. Does anyone recall the thickness of the aluminum tape? Looks to be about a half an inch. Does that seem right?



i believe it’s 1/2" metallic




I have used several types of matalic tape, which do you find works best?


What types of foam do you all use inside your cases?
Is there an easy way to cut out shapes for each prop?



Nick don’t let the color of the case stop you just repaint it. I repainted mine Krylon Dove Gray in the 90’s. That color is no longer available but I use Krylon Classic Gray now which is extremely close to the old Dove Gray.
I’m sure they painted those cases on the show anyway for consistency like they did with the other cases.


I Picked up an early black one that is slightly inaccurate and has a couple small chips and a later variation of the case in pink. I’m eager to make the conversion!