Garth’s Remote


Duplicolor Rocks !!




Getting there, later, Brad Nelsons to do.


Looking at these pictures reminded me to check my remote and a good thing since I haven’t replaced the batteries in years and they corroded a bit. After some cleaning, it’s operational again. The middle button is a slide switch and activates the LED. The larger dome is masked to effect the original props effect.

This was built for me by Steve Horch (loved the guy) years ago. He modeled it after the original prop.


Found a couple of things with batteries just this past week. A mini mag lite trashed but a micro machines remote with aa batteries saved. The little car with extra gears, tires and it’s rechargeable battery was racing around. You got to watch out.


Waiting on the clear red acrylic. The other knobs, I’ll use wood or plastic. Thin brass strips for the side, have the correct crispy. That leaves the brass circle in the front. I like the look of DStines, he had a way with props. BTW I was friends with William Steven Horch on Facebook until he passed RIP, the good, they die young. :frowning:


Never seen that Horch before. The slide switch is clever. Very cool! I like all the variation between the different builders.


I’m looking for the measurement of the front acrylic piece. I looks like 1 1/4” long, I see that diameter of red online. I can use the same for the other buttons in 1/2 diameter acrylic or lucite rod. I looked for square rod but less in color is available so it’s a razor saw and some struggle.

Any measurements appreciate. Thanks


In all honesty… don’t over complicate this. The actual prop was really really rough.
A phaser turned upside down with scrap resin buttons a brass brad and some mylar tape…
if you take one of the square “bridge buttons” and turn it 45 degrees you have your 3 remote studs.
the large amber/red is the same, ice cube tray at a 45…


Here are some more pics of mine. Different from the rest. I think from Mairecki.

I love that light up Horch!


It looks like a vehicle and I love it. Almost an old futuristic pedal car.

Yes, that’s me.



I had a red car similar to that, it must have been Magic. Looking good Scott.


I will install some light in the red front acrylic, waiting on the acrylic rod in colours.


Got this 6 inch x 1 3/4” lucite rod for the front clear piece on eBay for 15 bucks. Using 1” x 1/2” pine for the three knobs and the paint is from Canadian Tire, their own brand. Have the crispy and will use brass for the sides. I would have to razor saw the red plastic to the shape, don’t know how that will go.

Sorry for the delay, other chores.


Looking forward to your build, a great start!


That is very blue where my DStines is a metallic green shade. This begs the question just what color is it? I’m not being critical of your build, which is gorgeous as is all your work, I’m simply curious about the color.


I’ve always seen it as being a light blue, almost like the blue of the console comm speaker thingies, or the Burke chairs. Perhaps even “Phaser Rifle Blue”.

Though I’ve seen replicas anywhere from pure white to aqua/teal to pure green.


To my eyes, it looks pale green.


in the autopsy video it is green. Keep in mind that the Kodak film stock used even in the third season did not pick-up green very well (although much better than in the first season).


That was the most towards green I could find in the Aqua colour in that size. I would have to look at car paint.