Garth’s Remote


I’m believing it’s very close to the green used for the Klingon Battle Cruiser but metallic.


That description fits the DStines color pretty well.


Autopsy video?


Here is the video of Todd examining the original Garth Remote:


Ok, that shows better.


Thanks, that does look greener in that video for sure. I can see why people have been confused by this prop’s color.


From the autopsy video and rewatching the episode I painted mine a semi gloss “pistachio” green.


i think you’re very close there for sure, Patrick. The green does seem to have a fair bit of blue in it, but it’s definitely not aqua. Tough shade.


Looking good


Looks like a close match to the autopsy video. . .

. . . So did you use model paint, automotive paint, house paint, exactly what brand and color?


This is the color that I got for mine.
TS-60 Tamiya Model Paint.


^ That looks like a perfect match, thanks for sharing the color.


This is the paint I used.


Does anyone know what to use for the gold side strips? Thinking of tackling this prop myself.


I believe all of the gold (the strip and the front embossed) was adhesive car trim which was sold in rolls at the time. Every once in a great while it will show up on ebay but it is extremely rare.




I intend on using thin brass polished up.


I don’t believe the gold mylar tape on the sides is hard to find. What is rare is the embossed period mylar (on the front).

Here’s a link to some gold mylar tape for example: Gold Mylar Tape


^ Looks to me like you could get away with painting gold some of the P1 crispy material of your choice to use for the front piece. Not exact but close, Vinyl/Mylar or aluminum crispy, either could work.


That is the mylar tape that most of us have used but it is incorrect…the actual stuff has a different profile and is impossible to find.