Garth’s Remote


Really? If you have examples of both I’d be interested in seeing pics of the difference…


Thanks for all the input. For the front I found a period correct jewelry/phono with a thin gold metal decorative “grill”. I think is a close match,here’s a photo…image


Contact me …I am a supplier to many for accurate vintage TOS finishes


Good evening. I received your message, thank you. I’m about to start a Garth “remote” project and assembling the parts.


I love that green !!


The paint you picked is what I will use.


Does anyone know if the original was a Hero prop? In the video of the original I see the middle button is a switch?


It was a switch, but never never press the switch, or else…LOL



It was a hero with lights.


I had completely forgotten about this image in my research files.
From The Paul Allen collection in Seattle. Probably the best picture out there of this prop.
To my eye there seems to be a slight metallic or pearlescent quality…but it could just be the lighting.
The large button is clearly clear amber, while the 3 smaller studs are white, charcoal blue/black and red.


Agreed concerning, pearlescent or slight metallic appearance. The screen caps also seem to have the same appearance. In the screen caps the disc part the goes where the nozzle would be on a P1 definitely looks black. The autopsy video doesn’t, do know if the autopsy video is of the screen used item or a replica?

Thanks for sharing that photo here.


Thanks for sharing that. I’m thinking on doing a dummy and a hero. For the red acrylic I will have to slice the rod I have to the thickness and reshape it to the triangular look.


Thanks for the link to the tape.


The autopsy video is claimed to be the original hero prop.
In my opinion it is, if not… a very clever fake/reproduction.
I’m not sure anyone would go to that trouble on a minor 3rd season
throw-away prop.


. . . some 20 odd years ago.


I agree, it would make no sense in replicating a one shot prop.

It had lights? Is it 3 lights?


I believe it had three grain of wheat lights


Thanks, I’m interested in doing a hero.


I see an inconsistency in the vedo and the auction photo. The auction photo doesn’t have the raised emitter while the auction version is flat. So I assume one must be a fake?


And looking at one of the screen shots, it has the raised emitter, so I would assume the Paul Allen piece is a reproduction.