Geordi's Isolinear Travel Assembly


As I’m having the medkit parts re-cut after a fairly horrendous breakage, I thought I’d see if I could get this done as well - it’s a lot simpler to build by the looks of it…


As I’m about to get the above parts for this cut, I thought I’d ask for confirmation - are the tall triangular pieces on the front/rear textured styrene? They are in it’s Enterprise format but for TNG it looks to be flat to me…


All the triangular plant-ons are indeed ribbed styrene. The lighting’s not great for showing that detail, but it’s there. It’s only the square or rectangular plant-ons that were smooth styrene.


It looks like one is peeling off in that last photo.


There’s quite a few peeling off, but yes, that one too - which leads me to think it’s not ribbed. Because of the curve and the lifting edge I think you’d see some sign of the ribbing in the styrene - either on the edge profile or a shadow where over the course of the curve it catches the light differently.

If you compare it to the medkit at a roughly similar scale, I’d think the ribbing would be more obvious at this distance.


That’s a lot of plant-ons.

Crushingly there seems to have been an error cutting out the 3mm bits so they’re all about 15% too small (sidewalls, chip rack, PADD), so they will have to be done again. I’m doing the satchel medkit first so it’s not really going to delay things too much. Still, glad to have made a start and everything appears to work in principle…


Trek Core just updated some of the TNG screenshot galleries. Some good pics of this prop-


Ha, those rental props always stick out like crazy.

Thanks for posting those, I’d capped a few shots off of Netflix but hadn’t spotted that side shot.


How did you do that? The copy-protection always gives me a black screen, no matter what I try.


Just the screenshot command on my Mac? Cmd+Shift+3 or +4 for selective cropping.


Yeah, no screen capping features will work on PC for Netflix.


I’m on a mac too but doesn’t pc have a print screen button on the keyboard that you can then paste or is that what is giving you copy protection notice.


There’s no notice, just a black screen where the image is supposed to be. And as far as I can tell, any method of screen capping won’t work. I’ve tried different methods/programs with no luck. That’s why I was surprised it still worked on a Mac.


(apologies for the red walls… waiting to replaster before we paint)

I put together the main body of the kit today to explore fit/find issues Normally I’d do it out of 3/5mm foamex rather than risk the plastic, but I’m short on free time now. So far, much simpler to put together than the Medkit.

I had originally planned the Iso tray to mount to the front face from inside, but having test fitted the parts it fouls the top LEDS. I’m now thinking about doing it as a drop-in unit, which I’m guessing how it may have been done originally?

I won’t get very far with this for a while but at least semi-assembled I can’t ignore it for ages. I somehow missed that trio of LEDs on the front panel so there’s no hole lasered for those - not sure whether to risk drilling the acrylic at this point.


Looks great. You can post your reference as well, so we can see what you’re building to.


The Iso bank was installed when it was being built and then sealed in. the big panel on the back was removable for Battery replacement. The insert was acrylic sheet with the slots cut into it on a mill.


Thanks for the info, Mike!

Just the screenshots in this thread - I wish there was better reference out there.