Geordi's Red Engineering PADDs


Just picked this up from the 3d printers, very excited to get started! It is not a perfect replica but I am happy enough with the outcome:)


Thank you sir! Starting my google search now…



Would this work for the rectangles?


It could, if the color is truly black. I’ve noticed Washi tape sometimes has a desaturated/washed out look to it and is sometimes a little translucent.


I’ll have to look for it. Just trying to avoid having a ton of black vinyl that I won’t have a lot of use for.


Black shelf paper works well and is cheap.


Capital idea! Thanks!


Here is a less commonly known bit of artwork for another variation of this PADD.


Here is my first color done. A custom mix of clear red and flamingo pink pearl pigment. I think the color came out about right.


Here we have the second color added. Custom mix clear red and red russet pearl pigment. I think I am going to redo the flamingo pink. It is a bit too pink I think.


Love it! Cant wait to see it complete! I am sanding mine at the moment!


Nice! It’s a pain to get the print lines out. My padd was at least a resin copy. However, I have done the filler putty on other props. Just picked up some xtc-3D to try to fill in the print lines. I have seen some amazing results with that stuff.


I will have to check it out! Thanks for the tip!


Toned down the Flamingo Pink a bit to look more like the on screen prop. What do you all think?




Nice work!


Good job.


Thank you gentlemen. Your work is my inspiration.


Looks awesome, I can only hope mine looks half as good when completed! Any tips for the painting/colours? I will have to use spray paint so maybe my options might be limited…what do you guys think?


It has been a while since I completed this and I just remembered to snap some pics of the completed PADD. I think it came out pretty good, not the best, but good. The custom mix pigments were a pain. The Flamingo Red especially, was troublesome. It actually came up when I removed the Tamiya tape and I had to carefully touch it up with the airbrush. Overall I am happy with the results.