German Enterprise-E Bridge Replica


Hey guys, does anyone know what’s happening with this project? I’d occasionally check in with their website and after no updates for a long while, I find that it’s unavailable now:

I wouldn’t think much of a project falling apart except that they seemed to be pretty ambitious and had gotten as far as buying/renting a building, pouring a new slab, and building the floor platforms.

I know a few here are German, so I wondered if they were familiar and knew what’s up.



Hi Lt.Washburn,
the link is mispelled:

Here they are to find on facebook:

This is what I have found in the internet. On the weekend I met a few of the builders during Europes largest sci-fi con the FedCon, but we didn’t talk about the bridge project.

I’ll have to ask them when I return from work.



The link I posted had been working until recently. I wasn’t aware of the other ones. Anything you could find out would be appreciated, thanks!


Wow. Now finally a bridge set I’d love to go see!


Looks like one of my old photos


You know…any old photos of anything Star Trek related would be greatly appreciated if you wanted to post any.


No need to, that photo of the “E” bridge is one of mine. I wonder where he got it from?



Hi guys,

I just got the information from one of the builders from Berlin that the project got canceled by the end of last year due to time and money problems.



That’s unfortunate. It was a cool project.


Agreed, so far nobody tried to rebuild the bridge of the Enterprise-E.



strange, they asked me, to get free iso chips… and i said yes…

thats a shame… they still had plans… etc

why no kickstarter or so do collect money?


Does anyone have an email address for any members of this project? I would like to get in touch regarding their set plans.


I don’t, but one of them was posting on the TrekBBS and you might be able to contact him through that.


I know a guy from Berlin who worked on that bridge, just 10 days ago I met him during the FedCon in Bonn. We are friends on Facebook, I’ll ask him.