HAL 9000 SDS Mod


Here’s a quick one and something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve removed the unfortunately damaged lens replica from my SDS HAL 9000 and replaced it with a genuine Nikon Nikkor 8mm F8 fish-eye lens for a true HAL “eye”.

The frame with the lens removed which was rather hard to get out.

And the aluminum ring which was almost harder to get loose.

The Nikon lens with the dust covers in place. I like the little mini HAL.

And a test fitting. I’ll post more pics when I have the LED in place.



That’s really cool Scott.


I put the white LED temporarily in place which gives the small yellow light due to an internal lens coating. As much as people recall the red eye, this really does start looking right to me.


Very cool.
Are’nt those lens crazy expensive?


This one was expensive but not crazy so to me. In any case, I’m not going to take it apart or glue onto it, so it remains a viable lens.


Thats an awesome prop.

Now I want one.

Thanks Scott.


I think I remember you saying you damaged the lens. That’s a nice fix.



I used to doodle 2001 imagery in school in the mid-late 80s (probably following from the resurgence in interest after 2010 was released). Recently threw out a bunch of my old college notebooks after 30+ years, but tore out a few pages with some 2001 doodles on them, that this thread makes me think of. Would it be too “me-me-me” to post those here?

I also have to say, it is amazing how fan replicas can be so much better now than even the job they did to recreate Hal for 2010: The Year We Make Contact.


Post them !


Actually it was damaged when I got it second hand at a fair price.


So I explored the two controls on the lens, one was an aperture adjustment, and the other a filter selection. Using the widest aperture and the red(duh) filter, it now does look right. Yay beer!


Eureka ! ! !


I like to think so. :grinning:

I also like the lens cap and the little mini HAL on the rear dust cover.

The view through mini HAL.


Well that is cool Scott.


Beautiful kitchen.


Yet another thing I need! This website is slowly eroding my retirement savings…that’s very cool, Scott.


Yes, I also need a new kitchen.:wink:


Hot plate + Microwave and you’re all set. Lots more money for props! (:


My wife and I are planning to remodel our kitchen this summer.


I’m buying a new place that has a kitchen, can I join your club too please?