Han Solo


I just saw the movie tonight, thank you Moviepass.

I was one of four people in the theater so the dire straights that has become this movies revenue seems accurate.

I liked the movie, not sure why so many felt it was a let down. They did do one thing I noticed right away that had me thinking…about damn time.

It is a prequal, like Into Darkness. Like Discovery.

BUT the sets, the “tech” is all period correct and period specific. They didn’t use LCD screens just because you can go to www.sony.com and order one.The movie really had the feel for when it was supposed to be. I have to say, I don’t like the franchise but I do respect them for making the film this way.

It was cool to see Paul Bettany and Emilia Clarke, two actors I like and I never tire of the British accent.
Linda Hunt voiced another CGI but right away I heard Judge Zoey Hiller from The Practice.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the voice of a CGI character L3 but damn if I wouldn’t have put money on it being voiced by another GoT actress Gwendoline Christie.

Has anyone here seen the movie? Seeing the Millennium Falcon as a fairly new ship was cool. Got me thinking, DS9 might have ripped the design a bit when making the Defiant. When the Falcon is doing some maneuvers, it reminded me of the Defiant.


I thought the movie was great fun! I tend to stay away from reading too much into films online; people are just too cynical these days, and I just want to go into a movie for the experience. Interesting point regarding the Defiant! They are similar in some ways. Pancake shaped ships are great haha!


I saw it yesterday. It was better than I expected. I saw a big You Tuber review who said it was all kinds of preachy about politics, women’s rights, and other stuff and that’s why it sucked. I am very sensitive to being force-fed (no pun intended) social issues in entertainment, and I didn’t get that impression at all. It wasn’t a great movie, but it certainly wasn’t bad. All the acting hit its mark, the plot was OK, and the effects and look were true to the time/style for Star Wars. Much more than STD is true to Star Trek. It’s worth seeing, IMO.


Ray, I agree. I don’t like being force fed political agenda either. I endure it in so many TV shows which is what FF is for, a press of a button and 5 seconds is skipped, usually one click will suffice but sometimes I need 2 or 3!

Star Wars didn’t seem to have any of that in it. The only preachy stuff seemed pretty basic…and was summed up in one scene where Solo told his “Captain” that they were the aggressors and this was their world.

I hate to admit it but I’m enjoying these SW movies more than I am the new ST movies. :astonished:

I will never admit this again.


I saw it Monday night and really enjoyed it. I knew nothing about the film. Never saw a trailer or a teaser even, so no spoilers at all going into it and no expectations. So weird that there is no “buzz” for the film, on both the part of the SW community as well as Disney’s marketing. The film was fun and it did feel “right” as a prequel in the SW timeline. I liked the Easter eggs, and glad they got it right with regards to who shoots first. The Darth Maul thing was a total surprise for me. Like David, I was one of maybe four people in the theater. It felt like a personal screening because it was in a new theater with fancy power leather recliners for seats. You can nearly lay back flat, and even though you’re still in a row, they are spaced out so that you can’t even see people in the other rows behind or in front of you. I’d recommend the movie, and I also never want to see a film in another theater again.


Yea, that is how the theater I went to is, a few rows had full reclining chairs.
It was nice.

Darth Maul was a surprise for me too but her shift to the dark side was not.

I don’t think it was a lack of marketing from Disney. There is an online campaign by some nay sayers to
see the film fail. I thought it was good and certainly the cast did an outstanding job. Figures, the first prequal I like and some online keyboard warriors want it to fail.


I saw it on opening day and it wasn’t a full theater. Then I saw it again the following Wednesday with my parents and there were only about a dozen people there just 5 days after opening day. I actually liked it a lot and thought it was great with all the Easter eggs and twists.


Saw it yesterday with Nick and really liked it, lots of fun.