Help on the Shuttlecraft


Hey I am working on a home project.
I am turning a old camper into a TOS Shuttlecraft.
The help I am looking for is if anyone has any pictures of the Helm part of the Shuttlecraft.
Specifically from the The Immunity Syndrome.
I need the center console of the Helm.
These are the only 2 pictures that I have.

This is the last time we see the Shuttlecraft in the series.


I can’t help with your request, but I just wanted to say I think you’re project is cool and I wish you the best of luck :+1:


I can’t help with the pictures Mike, but if I can help any other way lmk. This sounds really neat.


Looking forward to seeing your work on this fun project. Will keep an eye out for photos for you and from you. Enjoy this build!

Also hope you take it out on the road for a magical mystery tour once it’s complete.



Lol i loved how you googled for him!


Does your google search actually provide him what he was looking for?


First off, you all should have wished him luck. :slight_smile:

Here are a few shots that I am pretty sure are from that specific episode:




None really show the lower console very well though…;(


The only shots that I am needing at the moment are a behind the scenes shots of the center of the console.


Such a great idea. I was just reading up on 1701/7 and understand the exterior (as built by AMT Arizona) was at 3/4 scale yet the interior sets were 1:1 scale. I watched the Galileo Seven episode again and clearly noticed the scale change in the outside shots. There was no way anyone could have stood up inside that “exterior”.




Yup, much like The Doctors TARDIS. It’s bigger on the inside! :wink:


It might be a long shot, but maybe the original builder of the shuttle may have some insights/photos, Gene Winfield. I met him at the Syracuse Nationals Hot Rod show last year and I believe he will be present this year as well.


I doubt if Gene would have any info on the 1.1 Scale shuttlecraft sound stage Set as he did not build it.
He built the 3/4 Full Scale shuttlecraft in his shop.
But thanks for responding.
I entertain any and all info anyone has.


Karl Tate has some pictures that might help you on his flicker page. Start at the bottom of page 17. Hope this is what you need. Good luck!


Well there you go ! Perfect pic at the bottom showing what appears to be a reel to reel tape deck !


Thanks for the link.


You’re very welcome!


I never noticed this piece before -

It appears to be part of a reel to reel tape recorder?