Help on the Shuttlecraft


Yep. Anything familiar in an unfamiliar place-- one of the pictures on this site had a portable can opener as a prop! (:

–Paul E Musselman


Reminds me of the scene in The Empire Strikes back where someone is carrying around an ice cream maker. :smile:


Hand-cranked in a wooden barrel??


Here are some pictures I found.




I always thought those handles looked like kitchen knives.


Ginsu Shuttle Controls™



Controls your shuttlecraft and still slices through this tin can with ease!


I did too!:rofl:


I noticed on the opening scenes of The Galileo 7 that you can see this part spinning.


I popped in my Blu-ray and sure enough, it’s spinning! I never noticed that before. They should have painted some marks on it or maybe a moire’ pattern to make it stand out more.


It was a new discovery for me too. The gizmo does not appear to be spinning when you see it again in The Menagerie Part I.


Yep, definitely a reel-to-reel. High definition is revealing many secrets!