Hero Phaser Build, Pielock style


Over the next coming weeks I will show some of my methods using Rob’s shells

Sanding, cutting and trimming the shells.


Some more plunge cuts into the shells. So much work to do yet!

Hole for the emitter

Sight hole

Rear fin area


Starting on the handle.

Start with 1 inch brass tube.

Crush in a vice.

I have a steel tube cut down to the inner radius of the handle.

Next you go to a doctor appointment and when your sitting in the examination room before the doctor comes in, you steal tong depressers. Thank you Obama care! Run home cut and apply them onto the handle with epoxy. Also make the bottom plug out of epoxy as well


Looks Awesome Steve


Cool. I just want to point out that the drill mark on the P1 for the emitter tube is placed too high. I’m working on fixing the master so future shells will be correct. But for now hold the bezel part in place, along with the brass emitter tube, and mark it to drill the hole. It’ll be about 1/16 - 3/32 lower than the molded in mark. The step on the front of the bezel should line up with the step on the P1 front.


Front tower aluminum accent.

One of my Rob Nichols P1 builds in the cattle.


And for shits and grins, the wand P1 fits like a glove! Rob you nailed these shells!!

Rob’s P1 and the Wand P1


Modifying the emitter nozzle, disassembling it is the first step.


The emitter mod is new to me so what is being changed?


Steve your a Legend man! :smiley:
Looking forward to seeing those tricky inner workings


Looks awesome so far Steve.
The only thing I notice is that the front tower on the P2 body seems too short.
How is it in height compared to the Wand phaser?


I’m removing the stem in the back and putting a longer one on for the emitter ejector. By taking it apart I can put the piece with the stem into my lathe, impossible to do with the emitter all together.


So here’s a shot of the emitter with the old stem removed. Also in the shot is the new longer stem with the emitter ejector slide inside.


Some more shots of the new emitter.


Really enjoying this thread Steve!


So list of things to do…

Finish the handle an twist lock.
Build the trigger.
Cut in and install the side dial.
Make and install the 10 turn assembly.
Close in the back fin area,
Make back fins.
Make and install the bottom screw that holds the shells together.
Make the internal window frame for the front window.
Eventually install the P1 latch (but that needs to be documented by Ryan first).


wow you are the master of lathes Steve,this must be the hardest prop of all to build!


WOW!!! Outstanding work!


P1 latch

Current state of build.


Mr. Pielock inspired me (ala the Shatner Weekend 2018) to take the next step on my hero builds. I just finished running these “P1 Sleds” and “Emitter Tubes” to go with my fully integrated & re-engineered Jein reproduction Nozzles: