Hero Phaser Build, Pielock style


Great job @jonpaul0151 that’s a great looking fully functional replica hero nozzle!


Cool is my other middle name LOL !! :rofl:


Steve @pielock373, superb job on your hero build! Somehow I’d missed this thread before JPL’s recent bump from your inspiration.

Any updates on your to do list for this build since your last post in Jan 2016?


Jon Paul, those look fantastic.!


Nice work! I was gonna talk to you about this very thing, Steve beat me to it. Is the mounting tube milled as part of the nozzle, or separate? The sled isn’t quite right, here are some detail pics.


Aluminum Nozzle and rear aluminum mounting tube is one part. Picture below.

The sled was designed with the idea that; depending on the exact shell, it could be stroked with a round file to fit it to different shells.

The wire pilot-hole was moved to avoid making a “weak” spot as identical to the location on the Jein. From a structural point of view I saw that as the worst place to put the pilot-hole. Certainly a hole could be drilled at the “Jein spot”.

I pulled this image off the internet. this is yet another version of the sled, it had a notch and no hole…


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m gonna blush LOL…


THX for the close ups…


Okay, I’ll admit it…what is this? Is this something that was on the originals, or a fan innovation?


It’s the mech for the hero P2 emitter. The P1, when inserted, engages the cradle and slides the P2 emitter out through the nozzle.