Horga'hn Statue


Let’s discuss the almighty Horga’hn statue, shall we.

According to memory alpha, it appeared in these episodes-
“Captain’s Holiday”
“Future Imperfect”
“The Game”
DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin…"
ENT: “Two Days and Two Nights”

Picard's Desk Crystal
Kurlan Naiskos from the Workshop of the Master of Tarquin Hill - a scratch build
Picard's Desk Crystal

Not to get too off topic, but if we are going to use our collective think tank to figure out a great technique to make props like this, the Bajoran Orb and Horga’hn with opening head and crystal have long since been on my holy grail list.


I have a screen used Horga’hn ready for molding. :slight_smile:


Oh man, I’ve always wanted a Horga’hn. Somebody did a run of them on the RPF a couple years ago and I have always regretted not getting one.


@zredthunder, it would be great to work it so that it would have the opening head with crystal!


I should qualify that this is very hypothetical at this point since I already have some many projects under way and am thus reluctant to commit to any more at the moment, but it’s fun to think things through before we do them, so what the heck. :blush:

We could probably fairly easily make a mold and cast a few of these from @zredthunder’s, cut them off and hollow them out and then mate them together with a hinge. The tox uthat looks to be cast clear resin that has then been machined with a standard drill bit. Or the master may possibly have been machined and those holes built into the mold. It would just require a very flexible silicone with a high tear strength.

Picard's Desk Crystal

It would probably just be easier to drill those holes after casting the stone. But that’s just a guess. Maybe just cast little indentations to work as a guide for where it should be drilled.

Also More reference!

Captain’s Holiday caps from TrekCore-



Until you posted the image, I had actually forgotten about how extensive the holes are on all sides. I think you’re right.



The Stone was a solid piece of acrylic shaped and polish. The holes were drilled using 70 deg. plastic drill bites.1/8" - 1/2". I still have the mold and the master for the statue.


Here are a couple of photos



Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this, Mike!!

I’m curious: how would you guys go about fabricating the master for a crystal like this? We’ve recently been discussing this regarding Picard’s desk crystals and it would be interesting to know how you went about it on this prop. Did you shape and polish each one individually from a solid block of acrylic? Or did you make a master and copy it? Given that it was used in a sort of “stunt” scene, I’m assuming you made more than one. :wink:



That is a gorgeous prop indeed! Thank you for sharing those pictures.

Steve P


There was only one crystal made no time for molding. If you are making one that you want to mold then you need to have the surface as perfect as possible . Like glass smooth or you will have to polish each one by hand.


Wow. Thanks, Mike. I would never have guessed that only one was made.

I am currently working on a number of little gem-like projects. Elvis and I are working on the Kolinahr necklace from TMP, and @NickDaring and I are very interested in the Picard desk crystal. My plan on both is to take the masters (styrene in one case, and perhaps 3D print in the second) and spray them with a high-gloss urethane topcoat. I would then polish it to a high shine before casting. On my TMP scanners I made the mistake of casting a non-polished one and I had to polish each one by hand—which was ridiculously stupid. :blush:


If somebody does a run of Horga’hns (with or without Tox Uthats inside), I would definitely be down for one.


Here’s a cool thing-


What is this from? Convention exclusive?


They’ve been floating around ebay for the past month or so, selling for $100-$200, marketed as an exclusive, probably from one of the cruises. ThinkGeek started selling them last week for $20.



I received an email this morning from Roddenberry.com that they’ve opened up pre-orders for horga’hns that they’ll be selling in late July.