IDIC pin from Discovery


This week’s episode, “Leth,” provided the first appearance of Discovery’s new Vulcan IDIC pin, so I wanted to get a thread going. Certain among us seem to be chomping at the bit to recreate it (ahem @norbauer) :wink:

First off, a great SDCC photo posted by Slashfilm:

Here are some photos I took in Vegas.

I wish I’d been able to get a little closer to it. Here’s one more which came from SDCC, but who posted it I do not remember. They had a much better camera:

Are those striations on the left portion of the halo intentional, I wonder, or just FDM print artifacts that weren’t fully sanded/filled?


Though a bit off-topic (if you feel it doesn’t belong here, feel free to delete my post), seeing that the new Discovery IDIC got more “three-dimensional” than the original TOS version, I can’t resist to show you my Steam Trek IDIC I made in 2015.
Even the stone color almost fits… (I wonder… :wink: )

The vulcan calligraphy on the pyramid is the one for “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination”.


That’s really nice! How did you make the stone?


This is my (shitty iPhone) pic of the DSC IDIC from Vegas 2017


The stone is a Swarovski Crystal pendant. Swarovski does come up with interesting shapes from time to time in their Elements series (bare stones made for further jewelry making). As soon as I saw this type, I knew what I had to make with it.
Surpisingly the proportion and position of the hole seems perfect for an IDIC.


I like that a lot. Absent the steampunk gear, the rest of it would fit right in for a fancier IDIC from the show.


Here’s my slightly better iPhone7Plus image of the Discovery IDIC in Vegas…(click on it to make it bigger)

The finish of what we saw this week on Discovery looked copper, however, and not gold…



Are the printed pieces stuck onto a laser cut base plate?

Once you adjust for the color grading different light on Vulcan it’s a bit more gold :slight_smile:


Good point, EWilliams! I had not accounted for Vulcan’s atmosphere. :slight_smile: Doesn’t it also have two moons?


I just made another IDIC for our upcoming Steam Trek Discovery.

Like on the first one I added the Kol-ut shan (Vulcan for “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”) Kalligraphy on the pyramid.
Made from polished aluminum & Swarovski crystals.


that’s freaking gorgeous


You should work for Disco. -SGT


I love the translucent part!


Thank you, guys!
SGT, certainly wouldn’t mind to do so… :wink:




Vulcan has no moon. According to Spock in the “Man Trap”.


WOW!!! Well done!


Vulcan in The Animated Series:


Vulcan in The Motion Picture:

No wonder I’m confused!


Maybe Spock was just trying to get Uhura to shut up and leave him alone.