Image rotation issue


Just wondering…are you posting from near the equator perhaps?


^ Nope, it’s a known issue that developed with this forum affecting many members posts. Ryan was hopeful that a recent software update corrected the issue but it didn’t so we still have to utilize work-arounds when posting images.

I realize you were joking again but in case anyone didn’t this thread can provide some insight on the ongoing issue.


Update: As of 12 days ago, they’re still working on getting this fix into the stable branch of the forum software, which is what TFW uses:

In the meantime, I’m going to apply a workaround on the server side that may work.


@norbauer Ryan the last several photos that I uploaded directly from my phone were not rotated. Just gave them a shot since they were on my phone not camera and I hadn’t transferred them to computer. So without using computer and/or e-mail first iPhone photos have been uploading correctly.

Has forum software changed? I did an iOS update to current version since my last attempt direct from phone. I did notice the issue from digital camera too so will have to try that again; dumping from digital camera to computer and uploading without e-mailing first.

Maybe it was just luck since the rotation issue was frequent but didn’t always happen.


Just yesterday I had a problem with some images that I had rotated on my computer showing up sideways here.


^ Well bummer, but thanks for that info.