Janeway Coffee Mug


Hi everyone! New member (and new craftsperson) here. After attending my first Trek convention, I’m considering a Janeway cosplay. It wouldn’t be complete without her stainless steel coffee mug. I saw someone at the con with one and he said it cost him a pretty penny to make (or have made?). Other conversations I’ve seen indicate the actual mugs are out there but are vintage and very hard to find. Any suggestions out there on where I start with something like this? I’d like it to be food safe so I can use it for my own coffee.



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Good luck in your search and enjoy the hunt, that mug looks like it would be such a common found item but a quick search doesn’t turn up anything even close.


From an old post over on TheRPF, it looks like the original mug was the Vacuum Insulated Espresso Mugs by Thermos Nissan with the bottom logo covered with a piece of cut stainless steel or other metallic material. (Credit goes to @norbauer and the others that responded to the above thread)


I’ve been watching eBay for 3 years for them - I’ve never seen them come up. I’ve seen similar cups - but not the exact ones.


Slightly off topic, but it looks like a smaller version of the mug was used, too.


They’re rare. I’ve thought about taking a similar mug and replacing the handle with a 3D printed one.


Thanks, everyone! You’re confirming what I suspected. I’m going to see if I can piece one together somehow. The cylinder seems easy…it’s the handle that could be hard to find and attach. Any other leads on a pre-made version would be appreciated!!


Here’s a photo of Janeway’s command in Star Trek Nemesis. We never saw any of this set because they decided to make it an on screen appearance. My boss, John Dwyer asked me if I knew of anything personal that Janeway would have and to go find it. I thought coffee mug and asked Enterprise Set Dresser, Jimmy Mees if I could borrow one from his gold room. I got the cup and Kate was actually drinking coffee from it during takes. After the scene was shot, I returned the mug to Jimmy and he let me keep it. I still use it everyday at work.

IMG00107 by Ronald Nomura, on Flickr


Wow, that’s a great picture!

Would you mind providing some height/diameter dimensions for the mug you have? I’d like to look for something the same size that a custom handle can be made for.


Sure! bur you’ll have to wait until Monday when I’m back in the office. In. the meantime, here’s another photo of Janeway’s desk…

IMG00101 by Ronald Nomura, on Flickr


Thanks so much, and again thanks for the awesome pictures!


Wow! Thank you for sharing these photos and story. Can’t wait to see the real mug.


Wow, Ron! Awesome heretofore unseen photos. It’s really nice to see “brand new” things like this :slight_smile:



That is priceless info!


Not sure I’d want to order from this site or not… but they look similar.

–Paul E Musselman


You’re welcome! One of my jobs was to shoot photos of the empty sets, right after they had been fully dressed. I have tons of photos from the Romulan Senate that was never seen on screen.

When the Scimitar Bridge was complete, the Director of Photography emptied the lit set so I could photograph it. He only wanted hard copies of the photos. We had a lab on the lot and between John Eaves and I, we racked up quite a bill in the end.



I’m so thrilled my little coffee mug question prompted such priceless information. I’m honored, @rnomura!

Alright, friends. After some extensive searching, I just ordered this from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011L6QEXI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vGMBBb65Z9Y1V)

It will still need a custom handle but OMG it’s actually a French press mug that I can use to actually drink coffee. Without the lid or press, it looks pretty dang similar, don’t you think? :star_struck:


Those are awesome pics, @rnomura! You don’t happen to have any pics of Janeway’s ready room from the TV show, do you? I’ve been wanting to do a ZBrush sculpt replicating that Greek bust on the ledge near her chair, but I’ve never been able to find good enough reference.


Mug measures 4-9/16" tall and 2-7/8" wide at the top

mug2 by Ronald Nomura, on Flickr


Yes! Thank you, Ron! And also really great to confirm the shape of the handle.