Jewelarama Tricorder Build DONE


I’m not as familiar with all these things as some. What are these detail bits originally made for?


Which detail bits are you referring to? The T-jet hubs, or the watch crowns? Or both?


The one in the schematic.


Ah, okay. The watch crown, then. They’re sourced from old wrist watches.


Better late than never maybe?? I finally ran a bucket-O-knobs and will bring to Shatmer 2018 Weekend, ditto on Dwyer/Allen style crowns. Made knobs custom in aluminum to match Rodd kit and my research. Pictures:


Jonpaul Please make sure no sales transactions happen on the STST property! CBS forbids that activity. Please don’t push/test it or you will be asked to leave. Sorry to be so stern just remember we are James Cawley’s guest and he didn’t have to allow this free prop meet to happen on such a busy weekend! I don’t want to spoil it for future prop events!


Careful, this sounds like a sales advert which is not aloud here.


OPS, ops is a sentence?