Jurassic Park Raincoats


For those of you following my JP Jeep build , or those of you who haven’t ( check it out !):wink:. If you weren’t aware the production staff of Jurassic Park were tasked to make raincoats for the film … Dennis Nedry sports it as he is eaten by a dilophosaurus. Anyways while the original brand is long discontinued but harbor freight makes an exact match to the original coat … I managed to get the decal files courtesy of the Jurassic Park Motorpools website cosplay section. My dads friend had some decals printed and they are on the way … here is the link to the raincoats and stay tuned ! https://m.harborfreight.com/2-piece-yellow-rain-suit-x-large-62261.html(upload://obqftn9RfDCwwUWUU9bwCTHIavQ.jpeg)imageimage


You’re going all in I see!
What’s on your JP bucket list next?>


OMG! Totally frigin’ awesome- I will at least get the coat…


Hey if you want I can send you the decals ! Lol :joy:


I would cry tears of joy like rain!:sweat_smile::cloud_with_rain:


Pm me


Ok began test “ mudding” one of the raincoats … will use this one as Muldoon for from the jeep chase scene SDCC and my friend will be Ray Arnold … need to have a lab coat embroidered…


Are you going to throw yourself into the alligator pit when you role-play “Nedry?” All in the interest of authentic cosplay, of course! (;

–Paul E Musselman


I ain’t big enough to play Nedry … lol



Looking great, good job-:+1:


Do you have any updates on the coat, Maybe more pics?


Driving to the lone star state to look at a 56 Chevy so I’ll send more photos of the coats when I get back


Hi, can I ask are the decals vinyl? What did you use to adhere them to the coat, and have you had any problems with creasing? Thanks


Hi , they are vinyl. What seemed to work best is to has a product called bulldog adhesion promoter and sprayed it on the general area … let dry … and placed the decal , then lightly coated it … it melts the decal ever so slightly and adheres it better than usual


I used that for painting the bottom rubber strip of the Odo buckets.


Hi thanks for the tip.
I’ll give it a go and post the results. Cheers!


Don’t expect it to be perfect… with the vinyl it will always peel eventually… that’s why the originals were heat pressed