Thanks everyone. This was a fun little project and Joe did an amazing job creating it.


He really did, it’s amazing !


Rob, that paint job is TIGHT!


Thanks! The masking was a little tricky but I’m happy with how it came out.


I’m going to have to start mine soon! way too much other stuff to build first!!


Evidently there was 2 Kligats in the case.
One at one end and one at the other end.
This is the one at the other end.

I think this one might have the original one.
Still has the strings in it for flying.


Which case is this? The one that the Jein kligat was in?


It definitely has that craptastic screen used look to it. Not much consistency with the paint on these.


Yes it was.


The one pictured on the lower right looks like a styrofoam stunt one to me.


Can anyone tell me how thick the kligat is supposed to be? It looks to be 1/2 inch maybe?


I made mine at 3/4"


Thanks, Joe…yours are perfect! I am going to try scratch building one, I’m thinking of using a piece of maple.


I would not recommend using maple, too hard to work and will move over time. I made my master from mdf which is easy to work, stable and looked very good after a few coats of primer. I would also recommend a good multi layer plywood, not cdx. It would be harder to work than mdf but more durable and just as stable and also look good after a few coats of primer.


Joe, Rob… how did you mask this after the gold paint!!!


^ Good question, is there a template that could be; say cut out of painters tape?


Cut the pattern out of paper first then transfer to a roll of blue painters tape cut into shape and wrap around blade. Spray gold


Like Chris said… I’ve layed on the silver paint on first. Then I’m creating a paper template of the mask for the silver section, then cutting that out of low tack painters tape. Then I’m masking the silver to apply the gold paint! Seemed more logical than trying to mask off the the whole thing to paint the silver parts… :slight_smile:


I wound up using some 1x8 pine that I had laying around.


I actually painted the gold first then I used low tack blue painters tape to mask the shape on the actual blade portion. I covered the larger portions of gold with scrap paper so I didn’t use too much of the tape.