Klingon Battle Map


I’ve been slowly working on deconstruction and recreating the battle map Brigadier Kerla unrolls in front of Azetbur who then urges her that they need to strike at the Federation. I have quite a few screen shots from the movie and have turned and manipulated the photos to get a better idea of the layout. I believe I have everything figured out (also with the aid of an incorrect map my by a fellow fan), but I have a few questions I hope any of you could answer.

  1. Anyone have any clue to the size of the map itself?
    I estimated the map to be either 24"x48", 36" x 48", or 34" x 44"

  2. Anyone have any photos of the complete map?
    Worth a shot asking.

  3. We don’t really see a clear picture of both ends of the map. From the shots, it appears the map was turned around to make it more esthetic for the shot when we switch back between Kerla and Azetbur. My question is, while we see the same design, do you think the map was made with the same information printed on both ends, but one side upside down so it could be read around a table (with the image of the galaxy separating both sides of fleet and attack formation info?

BONUS to question #3. While Azetbur is having the conversation with her three advisors (while Chang looks out the window) the third advisor leans in and talks gibberish. If you are a fan of Red Dwarf, what he says almost sounds like GELF. LOL

As I said, I have pretty much all the screenshots from Trekcore and a few I made for myself. But I can’t figure out the proper size. I would love to get a few printed up and the design thrown online for people to DL and print themselves (I know I can’t make money at it, I just want a copy for my wall). I have a bulk of the map rebuilt and guessed on some of the design work and text. I’m just having a problem putting them all together and completing the project.

Photos to help give reference if case the scene is foggy to any of you: