Klingon blood scanner - Ghostbuster's Gigameter


I own an excellent replica of the gun from the video game Portal made by Throwing Chicken props, so I’ve long followed the owner’s Facebook page. He has recently been posting about his scratch build of the “gigameter” from Ghosbusters.

I just realized tonight that a very lightly modified version of this prop appears in STVI as the crew is searching for uniforms contaminated with Klingon blood.


From Ghostbusters II

Originally made from a “Redman Corporation Power Scrubber Buffer”

More info

I think I might buy one of the kits and see if I can modify it to the STVI version. :slight_smile:


Got this today. :sunglasses:


I love looking at kits almost more than building them… Just a box full of dreams…


I feel the same way! It’ll be years before I get to a project like this, but it makes me happy to know I have it sitting there ready for me whenever I want to try to attack the problem of this prop. Quite a running start!


I kind of skimmed this thread when you posted it, and thought “that’s cool, but how will I ever figure out the gearing?”… but after looking into it, ThrowingChicken has already figured out all the gearing and mechanisms, AND everything apart from the motor and LEDs is included in the kit. I’m completely blown away. It’s the perfect convergence of obscure Trek prop and a key Ghostbusters prop that I never expected to be able to get. Just messaged him so hopefully he will continue to make them.

I hadn’t realized the top face was so different between the two props - for a long time I thought it was the same prop with the mic tips removed. But it looks like they swapped out the entire top face in the time between GB2 and STVI - the slots for the mic tips are part of the section that is missing in STVI.

No offense guys but I’m gonna have to do the GB2 version if it can’t be made to be modular :wink:


As ever, I have faith in your advanced engineering skills, Ethan. And I adored GB as a kid, so I’ll overlook this infraction if not. :slight_smile:

Throwing Chicken’s stuff is just dazzling. The Portal gun kit I got that he made is just perfect beyond description. The Giga kit doesn’t come with the electronics but a collaborator of his is working on it. All the gearing, as you mentioned, is however included. I haven’t tried to assemble it yet, but there are full instructions.


That guy makes amazing stuff. SO well engineered and thought out.


Kit ordered! Woohoo!

Looking at the motor/gearing setup he has, it was not designed with the ST6 version in mind. It seems like much of it (including the motor) occupies the space that the LED number displays were in the ST6. This may require a belt-driven dome setup to move the motor more into the main body area (the kit dome has a groove for a belt - good thinking on his part!). To me that window in front of the LED displays appears to show the inside of the spinning dome, which would also require moving the mechanics…

I need to go back and review Ghostbusters 2 but from what I understand it too had numeric displays - perhaps the same ones that are in the ST6 version were just visible through that little window in the mic tip housing?


Interesting. Please keep us posted on what you find out. I hadn’t looked closely enough into the gearing system to realize that complication. =\


Ryan, would you please be so kind as to make an animated gif of this shot showing the scanner display? It could prove quite illuminating :smile:



I wonder if a digital panel ammeter like this one could work:

(not sure how tall the LED characters should be)

If it were a 4 digit display it would’ve been fun to integrate something like this and have it be reactive to the environment:


Delighted to so! And sorry it took so long. It took some finessing of each frame in Photoshop to get a tight shot on it, since it moves across the frame in its brief appearance.


Is there anything you can’t do? :japanese_ogre:



Ha. You should see my last attempt at painting a tricorder! :confused:


Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

That thing is just counting upwards!! This is unexpected.


Maybe something like this (again not sure of the size) configured to increment with each revolution of the scanner hemisphere?



Totally. And I think those two displays on the right and left are just always all on. As far as electronics go, pretty damn simple, admiral.