Klingon Cup from Undiscovered Country


Been wanting to make one of these for a while. Still gotta clean it up and sculpt the base for it. But lovin it so far!!


Pretty Cool Jason.


Awesome! I have a guy working on one of these who plans on trying to make them ceramic. I don’t have a pic, but will post one when I can.


Which scene is this in?


When photon torpedoes are shot at the bird of prey and they lose gravity on the ship. Gorkon and a few others are drinking at a table out of these


Larry, Steve Mathis is the one who’s making the other mug. He’s going to attempt to do a ceramic version
.~ John


Looking good John! Here’s another progress shot.


Looks great. Gunna cast it? You know you need a full serving set!


Thx! Not sure. If there was enough interest maybe. But really just did it for myself


I’m pretty happy how this turned out.


Haha, you got a little blood on it



Does that desk or lamp show up anywhere else in Star Trek?


Here’s an actual screen used Klingon cup I acquired a few years ago; very cool and yours looks great!


Thx!! Love your screen used one! I’m super jealous!