Klingon Darsek Coin


I don’t know about the characters. I just duplicated the shapes from the source pictures.


Those darseq props used in ENT are actually gold pressed latinum, reused and shot from a different angle.


Is this the custom phoenix knife you saw?


According to my research, what you are calling a darsek is actually a knife embellishment (as noted above). That’s not to say that a collector could call them a darsek if they wanted to. Here’s a close up of the piece. Oh and the texture around the glyphs are “pot holes” not raised.

According to the comics, Klingons have a currency called “Talons”. There was a fan made minted set of coins called “K’chuk” coins that have an awfully familiar look.


I might make a thing like that sooner or later. Talons are only referenced in the comics whereas darseks are specifically mentioned in TNG, though they could make it into my fan productions one day. Still, I might make a few talons soon.


I don’t suppose you still have the STL files for that darsek you made? I would love to print a few to go along with my Klingon uniform.


I love this pic. :slight_smile:


They use to sell them as key chains


Sorry to be so long, but here’s a link to the .stl file.