Klingon grapok sauce bottle


Grapok sauce, basically Klingon ketchup. Great on bregit lung.

So what is the bottle? I’ve been racking my brains for a few years on this. At first I was thinking a water bottle, but the more I look it over, it could be a glass bottle or vase. I had a few more pics but I may have lost them when my HD crapped on me. There used to be a video of Penny Juday talking about the props, she doesn’t go into much detail on this prop, other than I think she refereed to it as “Klingon mustard”. Here’s the only shot I have of the bottle from that video.


I still have the master for that cap/lid.
If my memory is correct the bottle was a "real fine juice glass bottle.
It is like this one.

I believe we also used this for the Ractajino. (spelling) with a different lid.


Mike were these used as the root beer bottles as well in DS9, sure does look like it ?


More than likely we did about 40 bottles with about 5 or 6 different lids.


It looks correct for the Root Beer bottle, but the Grapok sauce, not so much?


I found a larger shot of both bottles from the DS9 DVD Season 1 extras.


I remember reading somewhere that the raktajino bottle was made from Avery Brooks favorite iced coffee or something like that…my memory is fuzzy on this one but I do think it’s the very same bottle as the ginger ale! download


Well as far as it being Avery Brooks Iced coffee. That would be a cool thing, but when I went out to buy the bottles for the prop master Joe Longo . He did not give me a specific name of a drink . I purchased cases of fruit juice which I believe was called “real fine”. We were to empty half of the bottles and put in other liquids/ colors the rest were the original juice/color. All of the ones that we left the original juice in were not drinkable as we had to remove the lids to put on the caps that we made. We used the same snap cap that they came with but we added the toppers.


Mike, do you happen to have the masters for the toppers you made for the green one on the root beer or the one on the Raktajino bottle in the picture above?



It looks like the brand is VeryFine juice. The brand is still around and is now owned by SunnyD, though the glass bottles are no longer produced.

I did some cursory search on eBay, Amazon, and Google and was only able to find one available (last image). I was able to get it for a fair $5, though minimum order amounts and shipping got me.

The description of the bottle states it was made by “Owen - Illinois glass co.”, which may prove useful for finding other juices that used the same bottle.



Well Got the name close. It has been a long time. but I think I still have all of the top masters we used for these When I get a chance I will look for them. It maybe fast or it may take some time . As I am still collecting all the masters into one place.


I think I found a candidate container-- just add a new base and a bit of color…


How old is this product? Is it even still in production?


Probably not. It’s an old ad. Their web site doesn’t show it. ):


Still it was a good find!


It looked familiar… took a while for “Fred” do retrieve the name. [Fred runs the heart, lungs, and the data retrieval system. Not the fastest retrieval system, but it works!]


Google >Spray Containers<. There are a number of bottles with a similar cylindrical shape and rounded top. Just the cap to re-create.


The root beer bottle is a Snapple bottle. I had a screen used one a long time ago.


What happened to it?


Traded it