Klingon LCARS


Does anyone have reference fotos of the Klingon Bridge LCARS like that one?


Feel free to take my pictures from yourprops…


Zredthunder, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Could take it either way. :slight_smile:


Not joking as much as you might think. I suck at taking pictures and nowhere on that site does it give permission for anyone to lift pictures but mine seem to be taken constantly! One of the 2 reasons I really never showed off my collection because I knew pictures would be copied and spread. I guess Im to the point I dont care that much anymore but it sure would be nice when anyone takes pictures without permission if they can at least write “if this is yours and you want it taken down just ask”. Im not a jerk…as just about anyone on here can tell you. I know a lot of these guys and they can tell you how decent I am.


Here’s some I have. I don’t recall where I got a majority of my images as I didn’t think of archiving who it came from (some were shared with me w/out other info). I do give credit when I can. I don’t know if I have any of yours or anyone else on here, but if I do, my apologizes and that I would credit or remove any said images. Besides what I shared here, I might have a few more I would like to share.

could share.


Here are a few custom ones I made for myself.


Thank you so much. That helps.


Does anyone have a reference for the LCARS at the top of the console?


Or a reference of this monitors?


I would look forward to see that. :slight_smile:


Would any of these help?


Here are some old TNG-TV Klingon Lcars in auction:


There are actually a lot of different kinds of LCARS there. Does anyone know the seller of all these? They have quite a collection, so I’m presuming a production member.