Klingon Painting


I thought I’d make a thread for this and show what I do while I’m doing some of this.

For the ruddy brown areas I use a four part process starting with Ace Premium Primer in Red Oxide. This is too red but establishes a base color.

I follow that with a light coat of Ace Rust Stop Ruddy Brown Primer. This may be hard to find now but something similar must be out there. I use very little so one can will paint quite a few props. What I do is make quick passes about six inches away to “dust” the prop until I like the result. Too close and you get too much paint, too far and the surface gets very rough from dried paint collecting. Anyway, what I’m looking for is a darker but mottled appearance.

No not on canvas with blood from your enemies…for props.

A cap comparison for reference.

The third step is using plain old Testors, or Model Master Flat Black, in an airbrush. The spray pattern should be about 1/4" wide an inch away and the paint volume very light. This way you can make as many passes as needed until the saturation looks right with little fear of overdoing it on the first pass. I use this mostly over all the edges, borders, and details, but will also darken the overall prop to my liking to look like dirt accumulation from handling.

I’ll likely go over this one again with the black to make it darker after the rods are painted.

Here’s an earlier paint job using the black to make it look dirty from use, and showing the last step which is silver dry brushing.

I’ll get back to this with the current pieces in progress.


This is a little early but do you seal the end result with anything?

Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build

No, not for Klingon usually unless decals are involved.


Here’s another example I just worked on. A set of Marco STVI Klingon handcuffs to be refinished.

The original cuffs are not badly finished for Marco props, but they really come to “life” with a bit of personal attention. All I did with these was what I’ve described above save for painting the tri-color logo in the base colors. Red oxide base coat, followed by ruddy brown mist coating, followed by flat black air brushing, followed by silver dry brushing, and flat black dry brushing with the same thinned flat black. I wiped the brush dipped in the thinned black on the paper I used to wipe off excess silver, so it picked up a bit of silver as well.

Untouched Marco cuffs.

And what the changes make of it.


That is some great work Scott


Thanks Mike, I’ll try to show dry brushing as I know it, but basically, I dip a 1/4" wide brush in silver pot paint and then wipe it on bond paper, and dab it on bond paper, until it is no longer “wet” and then wipe it onto the prop edges in ways that might happen from abuse and use. You really just have to try it on something to get a feel for it. Use anything with a similar surface to what you want to paint for practice. I always think I’m overdoing it and messing up most of the time.

EDIT: Don’t get the impression all the marks are intended. A lot of it just happens when I’m doing it whether I’m trying or not and I think that actually lends itself to more “realism”. No one usually wants to scratch their stuff up and the scuffs just happen at random.

Also on the cuffs, I used more airbrushed black in the interior spaces to dirty them up, and far more silver and black dry brushing to try and create marks from many greasy alien wrists. That was fun.


Another example just painted today using the same paints.


That looks Awesome too Scott.