Klingon Pin


Does anyone know where to find these old pins? I can find a newer version on eBay but I’d like the old ones if possible.

Thanks for checking.


Both of mine came from ebay and I only found them by combing through all the klingon pin auctions to find the correct version. I don’t think they were re-released so that might be the only source :frowning:


This is the one on eBay that is the right 7/8" high but it’s not the same pin.


Hollywood Pins also made the red/black/silver version of this that was used on the Generations knives. A similar situation exists where the proper ones have the lower slung points on the bottom, but an incorrect newer version like you pictured also exists and is more common.


If you can’t find the vintage ones you need, this kind of pin is not too expensive to get made from custom artwork.


Please elaborate. There could be a small demand for these if they were done right and kept private. The pin has a thick clear surface over the paint and “brass”.


These would be referred to as soft enamel pins with an epoxy coating, and they could be made from a simple traced Illustrator design.

This source was recently recommended in a design course I was taking online:
Since they’re in China, I presume it’s pretty inexpensive. I would just send them an RFQ and see what they come back with. There are many, many other places that do this kind of work, and I presume that quite a few are willing to work in small quantities.

Hollywood Pin Co. Star Trek Collection - Reference

Thank you very much. I’ll check it out.


That turns out to be $0.60 per pin with an order of 100 pins, plus a setup mold fee and shipping. I’m going to go ahead with this but I need to get the artwork done first.


Here’s the artwork. I’m pretty certain the butterfly clamp is not to scale.


Excellent work, Scott. Do you have a Pantone book in hand or are you using Adobe’s Pantone matching from the eye dropper tool? I only ask because I find that the latter is horribly inaccurate.


Actually they did the artwork off a scan and some micrometer measurements I made. I do think I’ll need to adjust the color some. Mainly for the blue.


Do you have an original? If so and you don’t mind sending it to me for a week or so, I can get you accurate Pantone matches.


I don’t think it’s that critical and what they have done just needs the blue altered for the most part. Besides, in use they get oversprayed for weathering.


I just checked over them with my swatch book and all the colors they chose look pretty good other than, as you noted, 3165C. I would go with 294C instead.


That looks good, thanks Ryan.

The order is placed and will ship 1/24/2016.


Here’s the photo of the pin replica ready to ship. They look just perfect.

And the original pin from 1993.


It looks Awesome Scott


Huzah globalization. :slight_smile:


No kidding and the pins have arrived. The original is on the right.