Klingon Pin


They look amazing Scott perfect


Thanks and to show what they are for…

Yeah DST toy but I have other castings I really want them for.


Scott, are these also for the Trek 3 guns or only this version.


Very cool pins. It looks great on the disruptor.


Gary, I think the STIII disruptors only used the totenkopf badges but I’m not absolutely certain. These pins were used on the beak nose and pumper disruptors as I have photos of screen used props both with them.


Cool, I only have two beak nose versions but I have a lot of the Trek 3 version.
Put me down for a few please.


I too would be interested. I can see that I’m late to this build, but I wanted to say excellent sleuthing!

To answer Nicksdad, the ST3 disruptor pistols didn’t have any emblems on the sides, but the rifles did. The TNG beaknose had the trefoil on both sides. The ST3 disruptor rifle had a modified German Deathshead emblem on both sides. Modified with a cranial ridge. I’ve been talking with Don Gaffney over on a FB Klingon costuming group who has the original rifle emblems and is working on doing a run. I’ll post here when that gets closer (although some of you might be in that group).