Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build


So my next build run will be making something better out of a few Marco props. I’m still sorting out just how much work is needed and where doing more isn’t justified.

The Marco prop. Overall it’s not too bad but it is different.










And some screen grabs by camera as I don’t have a Bluray player on my PC.








And the most interesting grab to me. What is that thing under the handle?


I think this is an RAC photo but I didn’t grab it off of RAC’s site.


Some of the obvious changes that need to be made are the grid lines need to be different, the tubes are too long and the tube ends are not the right shape.


The grip can also be made thinner.


It’s mostly in the grip where the shape and size is wrong. Since I won’t be putting my battery in the grip I can fix this with some effort. One big difference is that the area that mates to the collector part is supposed to be a hexagon.


I love this prop! Here are some more references:

Source: http://www.originalprop.com/blog/2008/07/26/comic-con-2008-profiles-in-history/

Source: @racprops on Facebook

I believe this is an as-delivered shot


Ah now I see. The business under the handle was a collapsible reflector dish. was this originally a camera flash unit?


Love it! been wanting one of these.


Awesome Scott…


Yes that was as I was asked to make it it was supposed to be 1/2 Federation and 1/2 klingon and then I was taken in to see Mr. Nimoy by Mr. Ron Greenwood the prop master, where Mr. Nimoy said it was too Klingon they had a rethink and it would be more Federation and could I trim it down a little, which I said Yes Sir.

So on the lot in the prop truck I hacked off the spines and other detail and added the strip to cover the damage and left it with Mr. Greenwood.

The disk antenna was on the shooting set for part of the filming as you can see it in one or two shots (one being the beam out.) but it was removed and not used.

I guess the rethink was not told to the paint shop as it was still painted Federation gray and Klingon red.



This answers a lot of questions. It’s also super cool to have the backstory on this–including the interaction with Nimoy. Thanks, Rich!


There was more: After the filming in the ship they WERE going to show it recrystallizing the crystals by plugging the bottom section into a slot in the engine room in the Bird of Prey,SO I was then asked to remove the paint from the end caps (note there are clear) and to add lights that could be dialed down as it discharged, so I did and to allow them to control that I added a plug in jack and added a control box so they could operated it during the shot. Sadly after all the extra work was wasted as they did not film it, but the extra pay was welcomed.


I believe I tell a lot of this stuff on my web site www.racprops.com. Check it out.


Haha. That’s awesome! It would have been really cool if we had seen that.

Unfortunately all the work on the awesome Scotty plexi welder was missed as well, given how hard it is to see on screen.


Well THAT’S SHOW BIS…many of my props got poor showings or ended up on the cutting room floor.



Well that’s just awesome and I have to assimilate all this etc.

Thanks Richard!


Great backstory and info.


Really cool info Awesome…
Thanks Rich…


So onward and today I began modifying the handle. First step was to break off the sheet plastic cover and use the belt sander to remove material.




Following that I used .040" Styrene sheet and auto filler to redefine the shape on the top and side lobes.




Next was the missing bottom lobe. For this I used .060" Styrene sheet to build the box.


Next I used the belt sander and hand sanding to grind down the handle sides. Then the original cover plate was reused plus some more Styrene and filler to finish the shape.






That’s it for now. I need to regroup and decide how to handle the rods and that joining face.

EDIT: Does anybody know what the dish is from? It would be cool to find them.


More progress from yesterday. I’m converting four of these so this big step was repeated three times and a primer coat applied to all.

Next step is to make replacements for the rods.










And for fun, most of a Marco catalog that has this prop in it.








Holly crap! are you going to offer these?


These are commissioned. I have about a years worth of work ahead of me at this point which is too far, and mainly because of a large house renovation project that’s still ongoing. However, we only have the final inspection left to pass.


Here is the link to Rich’s site page that talks about this prop:



The dish certainly looks like it was from a collapsible pocket flash, with some clear acrylic parts added. One thing I’m noticing is that most all the flashes on ebay have fewer than 15 segments to the reflector, and the one on the photon collector seems to have about 21-23 depending on if it’s open all the way in the RAC photo. Potentially it’s two reflectors stuck together?

The only reflector I see with more than 20 segments is the E. Leitz Wetzlar Synchronblitzer flash:

Pretty similar from the side:

If not exact, it could be a good “close enough” dish.