Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build


Very cool thread.
I remember years ago visiting Scott B. in his garage while he was making the original master for this.


Well it would seem to be a great match.


The back detail looks correct.




Photo from RAC Props I believe.


I’m not sure how to integrate it and I only have the one anyway.


In the RAC picture I see the dish clearly…but what is the plastic “secondary dish” under it?


I’ve no clue. I picked up two more dishes that were reasonably priced and am looking for one more but the cheapest at the moment is about $60.00 and then jumps to $150.00.


Wow. This is some serious Trek prop trailblazing here. As if this prop weren’t obscure enough from the outset. ;):thumbsup:


And a big thank-you to EWilliams for finding it!


COOL! That thing looks awesome! It’s fascinating to look at in your pictures with the slight iridescent color effect and rotational symmetry. The color didn’t really come through in the auction photos.


And then I paint it brown… :scream:


This really has gone from a simple re-paint to a crazy overhaul. I love it!


I can’t help myself.

So far I’ve received three and have worked out a way to mount them on the handles. The biggest problem to overcome is the handle has a smaller radius curve than the dishes do so they all have to be disassembled and each vane bent.


I did that by bending the stick first.




The new vane curvature.


All the king’s horses.


And this is the new fit.



I would never have thought that a build up of a Marco photon collector could be so exciting. This is fantastic.

Do you plan to make the dish removable?


I figured I could enlarge the slot to take the second tab as a means to hold it open nicely and that worked out well.








And here’s the best part. It looks right compared to the screen grab I made.





I hadn’t thought to but it does stay on without any glue at the moment.


It seems I’ll have a few extra folding dishes after I made an arrangement with the seller who refunded my money after not finding it. He ended up having four and I bought them all so if anyone wants one give me a PM.

I also received the fourth one today so I’ll have that part of this project done today.


Holy cow! These are incredible!


The sad thing is they did not use the flash bulb reflector, it is only there for a couple of scenes and only as a after thought…

They removed it for most of the main action shots.

I was trying to add some detail to make it MORE interesting as my reflector did not fit any better so I took a clear dome and cut sections out and added brass details to try to make it more Sci_Fi looking so there was a stack of things there…I thought the actors would open the reflector and then pull out the extra fingers and spread them…I was wrong…


PS Scott AND I made them…


Thanks guys and time to catch up here.

I’ve been doing a lot of filling and sanding on the handles to get the scratches out but I also started the main body modifications. First I cut off the parts I wouldn’t be using.




After that it was add Styrene bits to make them look more like the screen used one, as well as more filling and sanding.








Next I need to see hoe the LEDs fit in the cross before adding the strips over the top opening.


I’ve been a bit busy lately but managed to hit the hobby store today to get the strip Styrene I needed. It’s amazing that given all the strip stock I have bought over time I still find I don’t have some size that I need for something. Anyway, I have the strips made now and applied. I’ll be shifting my workspace on to electronics now while I source the replacement rods and end caps.

Here is a test fit.


Glued on after sanding to the same length and rounding off the ends.


And primered. New word apparently. I’ll fill the little gaps at the end strips later.



I can’t believe how much you have done to these. Amazing!