Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build


Nothing to be sorry for save my screen grabs are too blurry to know just exactly what the cover is. I’m going to have to guess and make something that feels right.


I was playing around with VLC thanks to @norbauer for the info…
Here are some screen caps…
Hopefully some will be helpful…

There are a couple more here


Nice job Scott…


After a bit of delay I carried on with the bottoms of the main body. Between the photos I had and some nice screen grabs from James Kirk I’ve come up with this.


And this. I used the smoked acrylic because I had it and I wanted to see how it looked.








Oh and I added the socket head screws under the tips.


This… is… so… freaking… AWESOME! :smiley:

These don’t even remotely resemble Marco Ent props anymore.

I’m glad you were able to work out something for the underside!


I thought I posted a bunch of pictures of these…

Email me if you want them as it only seems I can post pictures by a email reply.



I’ve seen about a dozen, or so, but nothing with the bottom cover in place. The screen shots do show a cover plate so I’m intrigued.


Here are shots of my building of these:

This was the one rigged to have a remote control so it could be turned down off camera.


Thank you for those.


The first pictures are of the Power Leech as it was first built.

The concept was that Scotty made it up with a combo of Federation and Klingon parts, so the upper section was to be Klingon.

So I detailed it as a Klingon device.

When I delivered it to the set I was then taken by Ron Greenwood (prop master) to Mr. Leonard Nimoy’s office (he was director) and he introduced me and was shown the prop I had made…

He then said, we had a rethink on this and we want it to be all federation so can we lost the extra detailing…Ron looked to me, and I said “Yes sir.”

So we went back to the Prop truck where using a utility knife and a small hammer to hack off these well glued on parts.

This impressed Ron on how well there were glued on.

As this left marks where my idea of the Klingon head ridges were placed, I then glued on the strap of plastic. That is why there is the bar on top.

Funny as the new concept was not told to the studio painters whom still painted the top Klingon Red and the lower part as Federation Gray.

Also note the dual folding out antennas…this was because of the original design.

The extra antenna was clear plastic with brass straps on it.

As you can see the main body were made out of acrylic tubes and scratch build styline plastic.

As they wanted the light action to be adjustable I was asked to have these controls easy to use…so they were exposed.

It was ONLY when they were planing on it then being then taken apart and the Federation part plugged into the wall of the crystal chamber and it would then discharge repairing the crystals.

So I was then asked to add two more lights to the ends of the unit so I washed off the paint and back lighted the end caps and rigged up a wired remote control box to the prop master or a gaffer could dial them down ( the box in the last picture).

AND as the plan was for the part of the wall to rotate as this discharge and repair was being done, on that unit only, was a cover made to hide the original controls for that shot.

And after all that work (and my being paid more money) this shot was either never done or ended up on the cutting room floor (or delete file…)


You did a Great job on this prop…
It is one of most favorite props…
Do you have any pictures of the bottom of the main body Gray part of it???


Those photos of the original are awesome.
I’m really glad they got rid of that fan set up, it really looks out of place on the prop.


It’s actually still there, but because it’s not deployed you barely notice it on screen.


Still slow going on my end with being away at a four day wedding event last weekend and working yesterday, but I have made some progress which is confined to adding magnets to hold the bottom plates on. I screwed up the first plate I drilled when the drill bit traveled instead of following the pilot hole nicely.






The whole thing sits flat nicely as long as the dish is open, but the collapsed dish does stick out farther and get in the way.



Today is a prop building party, however, and I hope to get some parts cast for these. Currently I awaiting some new electronic components from member jameskirk and will finalize the electronics installation then.


I dont care if I have to sell a kidney…


You won’t. :smile:

So things are moving along again with receiving the Arduino chips and parts from member jameskirk. Thanks for the help Mike.

I was able to salvage the boards I’d previously made and converted one to the Arduino circuit.




The speaker tucks nicely into the area by the slots near the handle and the yellow and lavender LEDs will be mounted for best effect above diffusing material. This arrangement should leave room enough for three AAA batteries in a holder over the yellow LED.


For now I taped things in place for a demo video, well two videos as Photobucket wouldn’t accept the single video file size. The second video pretty much just shows the fastest rate for the red LEDs.


The video links.


My Goodness Scott That is Awesome…
I hope mine turns out half as good…


Just wanted to say how cool It is to see people here helping each other out and building stuff together. :relaxed: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a build anything like so accurate and interesting as this one—and starting from a Marco of all things!



Ryan That pic is Awesome…