Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build


Yep. Interesting to see the concept and how it changed from it. The tip cones look like a massage head. Thanks Ryan.


Time for an update. I’ve been working on a couple of other things too so it’s a small one.

I made a platform for the battery holder to all four.






I’ve also begun the magnet install that holds the handle on. First I’ll bury magnets in the rod tips.


When inserted the rod tips are beyond the brass tubes. I’m covering that area with a plate and will the glue magnets to the plates aligned for fit.



Tonight I’ve mounted the other two magnets into the main body and given it a test. There were holes made in the Styrene plates for the magnets to pass into so they get nice and close the the rod magnets. I wrapped a couple of layers of masking tape around the rods to make a spacer and glued them in. It works for me.










And video.


Such an odd prop and yet so wonderful



This is truly going to be amazing.


Next update. I’ve been preparing my main body for making a mold from it which has involved simplifying the interior spaces so it is easier to mold. I hope to pour rubber this weekend.









I’ve made the last two molds for this prop save for making the pour holes and a couple of plates to help hold it together. As I expected the grill came apart pulling the casting positive out even though I filled the cavity under it as well as I could. Not a big problem just some repair needed and a thorough cleaning.


There are three pea sized voids in undercut areas but it looks OK so far. The fill holes will be at the end cap areas.




The final mold is an easy open face one of the bottom plate. I filled the slots in the rails before poring rubber. I like to leave a small overhang of rubber to define the thickness when pouring resin. You cam always run a toothpick under the lip to nudge out any bubbles.


So now I need to bring this collector up to speed with the other three so I can move on with the builds, and buy some resin.to pull some copies out.


OK, the first pull showed an edge problem due to the thin rubber getting bent down when the plug was put in. I solved that by cutting some of the rubber away so now it leaves a small raised bit where the new gap is that can be easily ground off.

Bad first pull.


Fixed second pull. You can see the three places where there was a void from trapped bubbles in the rubber.




If I do a good job pouring I get a thin film where the slots are that will be easy to open up.


The good second pull. The third is curing now so I’ll see how repeatable I can get.



Not bad Scott…


Very nice!!! This has been quite fun to watch, you are quite the craftsman.



tis most wonderous


This is some really great work.


I have the handles basically painted save for the rods. I think I’ll go over them with the black airbrush again before the silver dry brushing though.






The main bodies got one coat on the bottoms today before the weather began to close in for more rain.


Fantastic Scott


Those castings are sweet Scott.
I’ve played with the original master of this piece and yours is much cleaner.


I did spend all the time needed to clean up all the little bubble voids. I’m thinking I can do better with a better pouring strategy but the best bet would be a pressure pot. I do appreciate the sentiment however.


I’ve the rods painted now so all that’s left for the handles is the dry brushing. The main bodies are painted black and drying but they will need another coat after some light sanding.


Awesome Scott


Thanks Mike.

I took some screen caps to check how well I did modifying the prop now that I can take them and here’s what I found.

When Checkov and Uhura first enter the reactor room he’s carrying a collector that doesn’t have a dish attached.

A moment later while still approaching the reactor the dish is there.

When he sits to use it there is no bottom plate and you can’t tell if a dish is attached.

We’ve seen the one he hands to Uhura has the dish but here’s a couple of good shots showing the bottom plate is now there, not smoked acylic like mine, but there none the less.


Yep that’s what I surmised as well.