Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build


There is only one place around here that sells ACE Hardware Paint.
Is there any other brand of paint I can get to paint the Proton Collector and the Handle Rust-Oleum, Krylon etc.
If so What would be the colors?
You should do a video on how to paint these.
That would be awesome.
Mike P


Hard to tell you what to try since I haven’t used anything else yet. I imagine the Rustoleum 2X red primer would substitute for the Ace Red Oxide primer. The Ruddy Brown Primer I couldn’t find a couple of days ago so I would need to find something else too. Something sort of chocolate colored but in a flat that doesn’t cover to thickly. I’ll just have to keep an eye out and try something else.

I’m sorry that’s not too much help.


What about the gold paint you used on the rods?
Also I don’t know if it was mentioned or not about painting tips.
Do you primer then paint the ruddy brown the go over it with black in an air brush gun?
Any tips will help greatly


Yes. The red oxide first then misting the ruddy brown. Not a full coating, just quick passes to add some color over the red oxide. Then the flat black air brushed accents. The gold was what I had on hand and is VHT high temp gold engine paint from Pep Boys. I had to apply that in several light coats or it would craze some.

I think I was explaining here.


Thanks My friend


Not a problem. The thing is the Klingon painting is kind of open to your personal preference. This is only how I taught myself to do it at best.


The weathering is done on the handles for better or worse. I’m still building confidence in doing this.









Great job Scott


That paint job looks great.


They look really nice.


They good good to me…aged.


I like it, looks great to me!

Steve P


I think I done painting and tomorrow will begin installing the electronics. First I have to find where I lost the diffusing sheets which will be fun I’m certain.









Awesome job Scott.
They look gorgeous.


What color did you paint the body on the collector?


Rustoleum 2x flat black.


Nice job Scott, they look like they came off the set.


Two of them have the circuits installed now. I think there will need to be a black card to put over the batteries so you don’t see, well, batteries.

Too bad I can’t do a single full length video as the file size gets too big for TFW and Photobucket.


Look Great Scott


Love the look of the purple light! It came off really well.

Why not use YouTube?