Klingon Power Leech / Photon Collector Build


Holy cow! That’s so freakin’ awesome, Scott :smile: They look great!


That’s the best prop build I’ve seen in some time.


Yeah, why not?

I’ve got to get used to the one handed video stuff. I could put it on a tripod and use two hands but I wanted to do the fly by. :japanese_ogre:


Wow. Just friggin wow.


That is sooo awesome!


Great Scott that’s good


Wow! :heart_eyes_cat:


The fleet.


And to finish the build documentary…

A tad of Dremel cutting before install of the electronics.


The diffusing plastic hot glued in. I put another layer in under the yellow LED because it’s too close to the sheet for one layer to work.


The circuit board gets hot glued in next.


The some strip styrene gets hot glued onto the pink and yellow LEDs which are then glued into place.




The power switches get glued onto the bottom cover plate and wires soldered on.


Next the speaker gets hot glued into place.


Then the battery holder and bottom plate are wired in.


And lastly the battery holder gets hot glued into place.


Things are then buttoned up. I want to add some sort of paper so that batteries don’t look like, well, batteries.



Great job Scott


A very neat and precise look to it!



Haha, that video with all of them is both beautiful and annoying!


So I just got back from a Sci-Fi convention here in town. One of the guests was Walter Koenig. I had him autograph one of Scott’s beautiful Photon Collector props! Hee! Hee! Walter didn’t recognize the prop at first but after I turned on the lights, he said “Oh yes! I remember this!” It was very cool!:grin:


Very cool! Thanks for sharing.


That is cool!


That is Awesome.
Thanks for sharing.


Thanks guys! That other picture on his table was of me inside a Lost In Space Robot costume (I’m a member of that builders club) and Walter randomly showed up in our room because he liked our robots! I got to pose for pictures with him and he was so fun! He signed that picture also. Walter was very nice. A bit quiet but very nice to all of us.


This was an incredible build, read every line, I see that this thread is from several years ago. Scott do you have any of these kits left? Are you able to share the components schema and code for the electronic bits?


I still have the molds and the schematic, but I didn’t write the script or load it on the chip, however, I do have more already loaded on hand. The big problem is that I’m just too busy currently to do anything about it soon.


Thanks for the reply mate!