Klingon tricorder from ST 2009


I just stumbled across the pinterest page of a gentleman who worked on props for Star Trek (2009), Will Olsen: https://www.pinterest.com/willolsen/work-pictures/

This film has a couple of unseen or barely seen props, notably the Kelvin’s phaser and communicator. To add to that list, apparently Klingon tricorders were made for the movie! I don’t recall seeing these on screen. @NickyTea you are more well-versed in JJ movie knowledge; do you recognize these?

Echoes of the design are visible in the medical tricorder from Into Darkness… The lower end also brings to mind the STIII Klingon communicator.

Here are photos that Mr. Olsen posted:

wooden master:

With lights:

A dozen were made:

There was also this photo which he labeled as “Romulan phasers” from 2009 which are also unfamiliar:


I like the aesthetic of those Klingon tricorders. They look sturdy, like if you ran out of power in your disruptor you could bash someone’s skull in with it. :smiley:

Ohmigosh… He’s the guy behind the design of Sulu’s switch-katana?!?

I want one of those so bad.


Hm, I’ve never seen those before. Perhaps made for the deleted Rura Penthe scene from 2009?


Oh wow! In that clip you can see that the “Romulan phaser” is actually a Klingon disruptor - Nero takes one from a Klingon guard during his escape. The notched rail along the top edge echoes the design of the rifles the guards carry earlier on in the clip.

Makes sense the tricorders came from that scene as well.

I suppose this also answers the question of whether the pointy multi-barreled disruptor is Romulan (as the Rubies toy is called) or Klingon (some have speculated Nero’s gang stole them in the escape from Rura Penthe). Looks like Romulan wins since the Klingons are shown with something different.


Any other photos of it? Any different angles, like the front/top or back?


I modeled this up today. Wish I had some more shots. Gonna laser the buttons and use a real fluorescent light diffuser for the screen


Here’s the raw print.


Looks good to me.


The pinterest account was the first and only time I’ve seen it. Great modeling btw!


I like that Klingon tricorder, it looks like you could play Battlestar Galactica Space Alert on it.


Oh wow! What a flashback! I had that game!


Been a productive day on this one.


Me too.


Here is the finished prop. I’m happy how it came out.


Looks great Jason! Nice and grimy as it should be :slight_smile: