Large voyager padds


Finally built these up. Templates created from original padd. Graphics also made by me from screen caps and original props. Decals from my friend @EWilliams. Paint from duplicolor


Very nice!


Yes, nicely done! And a good reminder for me to get a move on mine :slight_smile:


Very Nice Carl.



Very nice job! May I ask which duplicator you used?


It might be Medium Marblehead Metallic.

  Very nice job! May I ask which duplicator you used?

Small Voyager PADD Project

Very nicely done! Reminds me to need to get to mine at some point soon :smile: lol

Whereabouts do you get the Med. Marblehead Metallic, btw?

I used to source it from Canadian Tire, but none of the ones in Ottawa seem to sell it anymore.




There is some available right now on Amazon.


Do you mean, or If .com, then that would be a problem, unfortunately.

Canadian postal regulations prohibit shipment of aerosol cans, and if found will be destroyed.

I found that out the hard way years ago when trying to get a couple cans of the TOS P2 body colour.

Received a letter stating they’d been seized at the border and had been disposed of.


I got it in the US. Not by mail… I drove over


Correction. Actually, I found it on Ebay but it is being shipped from within the US


Ah, okay. I’d been told by staff at Canadian Tire they didn’t carry it anymore, so I was curious if you’d found an alternate source up here. Oh well, lol.

Yeah, so that wouldn’t work for me unfortunately :unamused: Might have to see about making arrangements with someone to pick some up for me.

I think there’s one or two folks I know from the online prop community that are near me.


Nice I only own one padd