Long live the empire------ badge


Yes a small run of the new Empire Badge in all 3 Colors :smiley:


I’d love to see a TOS version of this minus the delta and with a slightly shorter blade.


Those came out really good!


Wow! Those look great :slight_smile: Nice job on the 3D file you made for those.


Beautifully done.


and no sticker or printed paper for the logo!!!


but did i do a color mistake?!?

one is gold, silver and bronze…

but ist bronze correct?!? or is it more a mix between bronze and copper?
i m not sure…


I think the third one’s more copper in colour.


mine in fornt, original in back…

so mine look more elegant and finier, but so that i had no references only, the screens and the main body was done by the badge and scene, when killy got it on here breast… i find my work ok!


@7seas, I love your work! It’s beyond just “okay”. Amazing! Looks spot-on to me! The best I’ve seen! Do you have plans to make the ones to the left of the mirror universe badges? At any rate, I’d love to add your work to my collection. Please, send me a message or some contact info.


i m working since weeks on all of that you see there…
but some i cant handle with my cad technical software… you must sclup (correct word?) in organic forms…
badge of valor is nearly ready…