Looks like more Trek is on the way


New Trek

Not sure how I feel about this.




Anything after 2005 is pseudo-Trek in my opinion, the new show runners just do not get it. If they bring back Picard is it going to be within the actual prime universe, or the new prime universe from Discovery? I would hate to see what Worf would look like in the new style Klingon makeup.


They don’t seem to know what they are doing. By they, I mean CBS or Paramount. There seems to a lot of missteps with Discovery and the Kelvin Timeline. I gave both the chance but Star Trek Into Darkness was junk and Discovery was all over the place and looked like the Kelvin Timeline.


CBS and Paramount may be making their peace, we’ll see. Hopefully they “get” that their recent effort hasn’t been enormously well received and and build a Trekkie Team to get things back on track.

It can be done, they just need to make it happen. I’d love to see a good series that began at SF Academy and moved forward from there, with some good old Sci-Fi-with-a-relevant-story writing like the days of yore.

It would also be cool if everything didn’t have delta shields plastered all over them.

And phasers had a continuous beam again.

And nobody was related to Spock.

And it took place some time after Voyager.


It’s all talk, until it’s not.