Lumured Corp Square on Mesh Material


So I have NO idea how these were manufactured but I do have some photo references of a brown version of the squares and mesh fabric. I compared it to the Worf medallions I have and they seem to be a match in terms of size.


Thank you for those pictures.

It looks like:

  • Each square is 5 mm
  • 3 squares and 2 gaps are 2 cm
  • Each gap is 2.5 mm
  • Each hole is 2 mm
  • The surfaces adjacent to the holes are 1.5 mm
  • The pitch is 7.5 mm

Does that seem correct to you? Do these measurements hold up over longer distances? How long is 10 squares, 9 gaps?

If you look closely at the back, does it look like the mesh is sort of melted into the squares?

Also, are the squares flat or slightly cupped?



I have an entire screen used Klingon chest/dickie part from one of the uniforms here, it is a vinyl fabric.




The squares are sonically welded to the mesh under fabric. The mesh fabric is nylon or polyester. The squares them selves are polypropylene .I was told by one of the reps. from the company that the squares were extruded lengths and cut into the thin layers, then placed in a spaced pattern frame and then sonically welded to the Mesh fabric.
Now if you really need this fabric you can 3d print it on to a mesh fabric. There are some videos on youtube showing how they do it with a 3d printer.


“Sonically welded” huh? That sounds like something out of Star Trek itself.

@Lt.Washburn, those measurements ring true to me. The material is remarkably consistent – probably due to the pattern frame Mike described. And yes, the squares are slightly cupped. They have a beautiful pearlescent quality that I’ve discovered is impossible to replicate with paint (at my skill level at least :slight_smile:).

@hms, do you happen to have any recollection as to what the blue and gold leathery material overlaid on the squares seen here was?


It is a trim that is made from leather and a woven cord. The org material is brown and black. the gold and the blue were added to the material by me. The material was from when Wester costume was on the Paramount Lot. It came from left over trims from the Cecil B. Demille movie “The 10 Commandments”. as were other trims used by Bill Tice for the Star Trek original Series. I do have some left but not much I did sell some to members here not long ago.
That is my flickr account and photo.


So many good tidbits here. Thanks!

The process you describe sounds credible. I hadn’t thought of slicing an extruded form, or ultrasonically welding them, but I can picture that now. However, I was under the impression that this is material that they had been making since perhaps the 50’s, in various forms, and that would predate the history of ultrasonic welding which was developed in the late 60’s. But as you mention speaking to a rep, can you remember when this was? Late 80’s perhaps? Maybe this stuff was from the 70’s and 80’s then?

Also, what was the circumstances that you were speaking to a rep, because again I’d heard (as speculation) this was stock bought up after Lumured shuttered, rather than buying an existing product line. And I also would have thought you’d gotten the stuff from the costume department since they obviously had so much of it on hand.

But it’s cool to hear the real explanation. Though, I wonder how their other materials with beads were also done, as I’m fairly sure they really did predate ultrasonic welding, I’ll post some vintage ads to illustrate.


Makers of Cavier Beadette, Corde Bead, and Petite Bead

Location (at least from 1950-61):
347 5th Ave.
New York 16, N.Y.

MUrray Hill 6-3976 (later MU 6-0054)

Offices in:
Chicago, 36 South State St.
Los Angeles, 607 South Hill St.
Dallas, 879 MDSE. Mart
Miami Beach, 927 Lincoln Rd.

Quarter page ad inside front cover of the February 1950 issue of “Handbags and Fashion Accessories”

A BAGful of Sophistication
a fashion first! AT $7.98 RETAIL
A collection of Eight Stunning Styles in the smartest group you ever did see!

Display ad June 1961 “Handbags & Accessories,” page 56


complete line from $21.35 to $102.00 doz.
You are cordially invited to see the line at any one of the showrooms listed below.
Caviar Beadette, Corde Bead, Petite Bead