Marker/Stylus Season 1-2


In addition to the possible use in Voyager above, I came across this shot from Enterprise. It seems vaguely similar, and I’m posting it for future research.


Here’s a few different Season 1 Styluses…Styli?

1x03 The Naked Now

1x09 The Battle

I can’t really tell if some of them are the Stabilo markers from above.


More of that long, skinny, Crusher stylus. What is it?


Very interesting thread.

It’s funny because as soon as I saw the smaller fatter version of this “pen” I knew it was a highlighter and it reminded me of one I have owned at some point over the years.

I love all of these threads discussing these random props.

While we are talking about stylus(s) from Star Trek it is important not to forget the Butane pens from Nemesis as seen here: