Marshmellon Dispenser - ST V


I’ve been trying to make one of these for a while . And trying to find photos of the original. To find out the purpose of this item in the film was a marketing strategy from the start . Im lead to believe that the original is in fact the one pictured in the Kraft commercial . As it matches screencaps near perfectly . I will log my progress here ! Stay tuned



Part 1


Awesome! Where did you find that commercial image? YouTube or something?


It was on Vimeo ? Came by it by luck


There were a couple of vendors at ST Vegas who had the (inexpensive) replicas on their tables – the ones sold when STV came out. Saw it for $25 - $50.


The Kraft promotional ones ? Or replicas ?


The Kraft ones…


I still have my original in a box somewhere. I waited something like two months for it to come in the mail. I couldn’t wait to get it. It also came with a plastic knife and fork I think.


Indeed it did


Does the Kraft one actually dispense a marshmallow?


A new, never used Kraft version sold on Ebay for $5.50 last week…I thought about it, but been struggling with limiting “folderol” around the house of late.

Apparently it will hold 4 marshmellons:


It does! But it would leave little remnants of marshmallow inside which was a bit of a challenge to clean up.