Massive LCARS Auction


Has anyone else gotten theirs yet … feeling concerned :worried:


I sent back the wrong one that I was sent but haven’t yet gotten my correct order.


So I gave him a call , he said he shipped all the lcars last Friday 5/25. If they do not arrive within the next couple days he said to give him a call …


Mine shipped Friday as well. My FedEx account notified me of the shipment and is estimated to arrive Saturday, June 2


Odd I never got a notice


My notice came from the FedEx Delivery Manager, not from the seller himself.


From past experiences with this guy, it has always taken a long time to get the props I ordered. One took almost 2 months from the time I paid.


Thanks Brian , signed up and mine is arriving today !



That’s an interesting pattern in the gels; wonder why they did that.


finally made a makeshift light box for my large iso chip panel . Looks pretty darn good !