May 3rd 2018 Ticonderoda Prop Meet "Shatner Weekend"


One more note to tag my 60’s SF weekend. On my way back California I stopped off in DC. to visit the old girl herself, and another 60’s icon. What a once in a life time week!


Came home with some nice additions to my case

Big thanks to @dave for the amazing name tag/TOS piece of history and @Buddahaid for the gorgeous FW pins
Words are not enough about adding my hero alpha from @PKaneProps

Great to meet @jonpaul0151 and very appreciative of his gift bag. I got cool stuff man!


Nice angle of the Enterprise. I’ll be saving that!


Brian M it was a joy seeing you again! Great fun without all of you at the house Dave rented.


Just a big thank you to @jonpaul0151 for the gift bag I got. I was delighted with that, the TFW pin and the nameplate from Dave with the Galileo piece. My name had an error so I didn’t wear it but Dave offered to send a correction of that.

I would like to know how Scotty’s wrench is put together and the Greeble seen in screencaps.


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Someone took a picture of me and Shatner as he was signing my Harp. I forgot who? if you have that picture please send it to


It starts like that, forgetting. lol


Tip o’ the hat to the entire crew in Ticonderoga for creating an amazing replica of our favorite place on Earth (or the stars.). It’s great to see that there are ongoing improvements, refinements, etc. to make it as good as possible. It will be great to go back and see what’s new.

Those who have been to Kingsland, Georgia to see Stage Nine Studios where we shot “Star Trek Continues” have asked about the differences – which primarily are differences in layout. A fan on Facebook created the graphic below, using elements from the original set plans. This accurately demonstrates where STC placed Engineering (because that’s where it would fit).


Looks at this awesome crowd.






@LostinTrek’s geo tricorder using a part I helped him make. :slight_smile:

@Nicksdad in engineering

@Nicksdad and @NickyTea in transporter room (sorry for the difficult lighting conditions/exposure, guys!)

@pielock373, @JamesCawley, @DigiGal

@pielock373, @jameskirk

My friend Monica in front of the warp core

@nicksdad and the salt vampire. :kissing_closed_eyes:


The geo tric looks great. So what’s the secret part? Is it a cam or a fuse or something else?




Wonderful Pics Ryan!!


Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing these Ryan!


Great pics, Ryan. Love the shot of @Nicksdad giving the Salt Vampire a piece of his mind.:laughing:


I thought it was a kiss.


It looks like the kiss just happened and Gary isn’t sure how he feels about it.


Great pictures Ryan. Good to see who everyone is out there.


Thanks for uploading the pic’s Ryan.
They are great.


Mnice pics! Love to see more!