May 3rd 2018 Ticonderoda Prop Meet "Shatner Weekend"


Great pics, Ryan. Love the shot of @Nicksdad giving the Salt Vampire a piece of his mind.:laughing:


I thought it was a kiss.


It looks like the kiss just happened and Gary isn’t sure how he feels about it.


Great pictures Ryan. Good to see who everyone is out there.


Thanks for uploading the pic’s Ryan.
They are great.


Mnice pics! Love to see more!


These are fantastic!


OK, here are my better pics:

BrianM Shatner Weekend

Sorry for the delay, lots going on.



Wow! Great pics, Brian.


Yes thank you very much for sharing !


Thanks for sharing those! Really nice!


Thank You Brian for sharing your pic’s.


I saw James’ post on FB that the Emerald’s Restaurant had a fire. Was it a total loss for that beautiful old clubhouse?


^ There’s a separate thread discussing this . . .