May 3rd 2018 Ticonderoda Prop Meet "Shatner Weekend"


No worries, Steve. I hope you feel better soon!

When you have a chance: if you think I can go, do you know what days I should plan to be there? It looks like maybe Thursday there is a prop meet-up, and then it looks like for Friday I can still buy a pass for a tour? Do we need to pay for the prop meet-up? If so, I just need to know where to send payment and how much.

I’m currently thinking of maybe heading down on Wednesday night and heading back on Friday night.


Sorry to hear you are down and out Steve.


Feel better soon my friend.


Thanks for the call Steve. My flight is booked. I can’t wait to see you all on that Thursday in Ticonderoga!


Glad to hear you can make it Ryan. Nan will be thrilled.


Looking forward to meeting you Ryan!


Ugh, feel better Steve.


Hope you feel better soon Steve.


It’ll be good to meet you :slight_smile:


Fell Better Soon. Had that. Hate that.


Me too. See that; “too” used correctly LOL. :rofl:


Can I and Susanne Lussier getin on that shopping meet?


Time, at Trekconderoga?, also goddie bag count stands at 23…



I’m putting together the final program of the prop meet for Thursday. What time do you all want to meet for breakfast? 8:00 am or 9:00??



9:00 is perfect!


A second for 9a.


9:00 is cool with me!


Never mind, I’m hopeless.
edited because I can’t read, apparently.




I’ll still be on West Coast time and will be driving from a B&B that isn’t right in Ticonderoga, so I may roll up bleary-eyed and a bit late, but breakfast sounds great—and 9am preferable to 8am certainly.

If I didn’t mention before, I’ll be bringing a friend, by the way: Monica Ross, the illustrator who did this postcard the Picard crystal I did for Roddenberry recently:


She’s a huge TOS fan and a very skilled artist.