McFarlane Disco Phaser cancelled?


Did anyone else get an email notice that their preorder had been cancelled because McFarlane is no longer producing the Disco phaser?


I did! :frowning: What gives??


I received it too. Very disappointed.


Same here.

I’m guessing it was too cost prohibitive or ran into issues with Anovos having a license for the same prop.


i dont think soooo…

phaser and tricorder also badges are cash cows in the merch…

so i think there are other problems… and they were still over a year on that work…
there is a alot money still in and nobody close that nearly when is 90% finish


If your right , that’s a true shame , especially that a “ unreliable” to say the least company would destroy a a reputable company like McFarlane … this whole situation is frustrating !


I’m not suggesting Anovos had any action in the McFarlane outcome. It may very well be that CBS withdrew the license due to an incompatibility of having two vendors making the same offering albeit not on the same scale.

I can only posit a few scenarios why McFarlane would terminate the project; insufficient profits, cost, complexity, logistics or a lack of consent from the IP.

Either way, its unfortunate. Now I really need to finish my 3D file.


Maybe preorders were much lower than anticipated.


The Star Trek episode of The Toys That Made Us is full of such hits and misses! Available for streaming on Netflix now.

So Rubies has one, is it like the Mcfarlane or took it’s place?


McFarlane, Anovos, and Rubies all serve different markets. It was certainly not a complaint from one about the other - just like there was no conflict between MR and Hasbro with Star Wars, or MR and Art Asylum with Star Trek, or Anovos and Rubies with costumes (& “costume accessories”) in general. Anovos knows their price is not for everyone and you’ll never see their stuff competing with Rubies at mass market retail like Spirit Halloween; same goes for the mass market McF phaser toy vs the Anovos replica that will only ever have a few hundred made.

If it is in fact cancelled, I’d bet on lack of preorders, or lack of retailer support. Did anyone ever see it making it into a Wal-mart or Target toy aisle? TRU no longer exists either.


Perhaps because the show was only available on pay TV it missed the mass market sales.


Not necessarily Buddahaid, Look at the abundance of merchandise from Stranger Things. The character, Dustin wore a purple museum hoodie in an episode and that same museum sold over $600.000 in the same hoodie to fans.

McFarlane has had the new phaser design for over a year and they’re still not on shelves. Why the long delay?



There have been several sound explanations presented here for why they shelved the project. What ever the truth is, it’s unfortunate for those of us wanting to get one…if only so we could modify it!

I was hoping to get one so I can perfect my 3D file. damn.


Someone on Facebook alluded to the fact that it was supposedly due to the recent gun violence in the world, If true, absolutely ridiculous IMO.

As I just said on TPZ, companies need to learn to keep their business and their politics separate. They’ve just forever lost me as a customer even before they gained me as a customer. Again, if true.


Yes sadly it is TRUE


This doesn’t hold any water as far as explanations go.

A) It won’t diminish the sale or manufacture of toy guns.
B) Toy guns have been proven to be psychologically beneficial for children. It has to do with them seeing police as inherently good and police use guns to protect people. This is a simplistic two line summery of an indepth article I read on the subject before deciding I was not going to keep my kids from playing “good cop, bad man”.
C) It doesn’t look like a firearm and was to be equipped with the orange tip.
D) Are they removing every toy from their line-up that resembled a firearm?

I looked through the McFarlane site to see any mention of the Disco Phaser and in addition to not seeing any, I did notice they seem to have only one toy that is supposed to be a “weapon” but looks nothing like a firearm.

I still don’t find the rationale plausible but I could see it being true if for no other reason than millennials are wimps and probably would complain and issue boycott fatwah’s across the interweb.


McFarlane announced the phaser 9 months ago at the Las Vegas convention (August 2017) and had anticipated release in Fall 2018, and later updated it to Summer 2018. A year is not an unusual length of product development cycle for something like the phaser toy. Did they say somewhere that they’d been working on it for longer than that?


That sounds like a likely reason given that toy was coming with and without the orange tips. I have been a gun owner all my life and worked with the Conservative Government to ease gun control. I can’t see a conflict with Anovos but there is a movement to rid the US and Canada of guns and everything related including toys. I’m boycotting businesses here in Canada and the US that are against that civil right.


Wow, lots of speculation being thrown around based on peoples’ own political hangups. You’re essentially basing this on one bit of info, the fact that they wouldn’t sell in certain states due to weird laws. (And before you attribute a left vs right thing to that decision, just remember that one of those states was Kansas, which would probably vote itself to remain non-colorized, just like in the Wizard of Oz, if they could just to reject modernity.) So, because of that, in some folks’ minds, the company is run by a bunch of SJW snowflakes who all of a sudden don’t want to sell guns because of all of the mass shootings that are happening. McFarlane hasn’t said boo about this on their facebook or website, and all we have to go on is the one e-mail from BBTS, which is still a they said to us so we’re saying to you sort of situation. How about we wait to see what McFarlane has to say about this directly? As someone said on TPZ, it’s probably more about the economics of the loss of Toys R Us as a primary seller of McFarlane than something politically motivated.


Hear! Hear! Without TRU, there is no major national distributor of Toys! Sears gave up their Wish Book decades ago. (; Kiddie City is gone. KB Toys was bought out by TRU. Build-A-Bear-Workshop only does stuffed animals.

There are on-line sellers, but when I want a toy I want it NOW!

–Paul E Musselman