McFarlane Disco Phaser cancelled?


Or simply release it to worldwide markets where these restrictions do not exist


So with this replica sidelined for who knows how long is anyone working on an accurate
3D print or perhaps a resin model?


Seems like there are already many unlicensed sources for these. I’ve seen some 3D printed ones off Etsy that people were very happy with and looks like one posted recently is a recast of the Anovos. I don’t own one personally but they looked nice. I also had a kit pass through my hands and I’m sure anyonenwoh modeling chops could go that route and have a nice finished phoebe. I too was excited for the McFarlane version, but seems like lots of the fandom crowd wasn’t going to I wait regardless.


That kit is nice with lots of parts. I can’t speak for how accurate it is though.


I drew one up, printed a few parts but got waylaid with other things.

I don’t expect it to be accurate…I lack a proper reference.


Having obtained and printed several STD phasers off the net, I am satisfied with this for my collection at this time. However, I am waiting to see how the one Rubies is coming out with looks. I would/will like to add a McFarlane one if it ever becomes available and maybe one of the Euro-kits.