McFarlane Discovery Phaser


Just came across this on twitter. Judging from 1 pic, their Disco phaser looks pretty good! $34.99, Summer 2018


That looks pretty good at $39.99, they’re going to sale alot of them. I assume it will have lights & sound?


I believe so and if the placard is correct, they’re ahead of schedule. Here is the original announcement from last year.


The display model looks 3D printed which means they don’t have test shots yet.
A summer release may be unlikely but heres hoping.


I was reading on another forum that the display model is one of Anovos’s models. The same thread stated that they do have a prototype, but it’s only available for scheduled, private viewings. I think this was over at the TrekToy forum.


As @Nicksdad and @trekker670 correctly pointed out, we were looking at a prototype (probably Anovos), TrekCore is out with a preview video of an unpainted working prototype. Still looks pretty good! Definitely more in-line with what one would expect for ~$40. Biggest disappointment, IMO, is that the setting indicator light only illuminates when the trigger is pulled.

EDIT (screenshots):


Still looks pretty good. You get your $40.00 worth.


I’m so buying a case of these when they’re made available :slight_smile:


Case is only two phasers


I thought they might be in a case of six, like we’ve seen done for the AA/DST phasers.


I dont remember where I saw it, but I thought something said “case size: 2”


Big bad toy store has them up for preorder now at $34.95 with delivery in q3. They will not deliver to CA, KS, CT, or NY due to laws against realistic looking guns.




Complete with orange barrel :frowning_face:


It’s black and gun looking. You also have to keep in mind that cops in Sacramento just shot and killed a guy in his own back yard because they thought the cell phone he was holding was a gun. So…


Yeah, but that just shows how the regulation is silly. If a phone looks like a gun, anything looks like a gun. If anything looks like a gun, nothing looks like a gun. It looks like a phaser.


When you think it might be a gun, it is until you know it isn’t. Personally, I don’t think orange color makes any difference ever to a cop, and since these don’t shoot anything, it wouldn’t even be illegal to paint it out or remove it.


Don’t point your finger at a cop “It’s a Gun!” I swear these days are scary :scream:


strange with red top, but maybe you can repaint it…

hope in germany its total black


Just pre-ordered three :slight_smile:

One to keep stock, one to repaint and one to modify to reflect the Mirror Universe version.