McFarlane Discovery Phaser


wow hope we get it also… we did you order? amazon com, has it not listed now…


I ordered them through the Big Bad Toy Store link @trekker670 posted above.


What kinds of modifications were made for the MU version? Missed that. Assuming the Starfleet delta was replaced with the new Terran Empire emblem?


The P1 had a black plate that covered over the Starfleet emblem and came down over the front of the P2. Don’t think anything else was changed, but I thought it kewl enough to make a MU version.


Sweet. Might just place another pre-order myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s hope the criminal element doesn’t start to paint the barrels of their real weapons signal orange. It would be the end of airsoft guns, replicas and props.


The orange tip is fine to give to kids but adults should able to change it. After all BB and Pellet replicas don’t have it. Anything black is bad. Anyway it will be reworked like every other toy.


Someone over on the RPF is reporting that McFarlane stated at WonderCon that the orange barrel is dependent on where you live. Only Phasers sold in states that require toy guns to have the orange tips will have the orange barrel.

From what I can tell, the orange tip is a federal regulation. I wonder if the federal regulation is loose enough to exclude the phaser, but then some states have stricter regulations.


Oh, I need both then. -SGT


I already pre ordered mine can not wait !!!


I was informed by big bad toys that my pre order was cancelled because McFarlane toys are not going to make the phaser.